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A few months ago we started with live streaming of events on Breakthrough and we have seen so many people touched that we have even started to look at cell/home Church. We have such a big increase in the interrest of TruLight Radio XM that we had to upgrade our streaming server and also our website server to a managed server. Now these are big steps to be taken.

We would like to invite you to move your website hosting and designing to us for supporting the radio station. The cost is not to make money but to keep pushing the radio station into the world. We are looking for 10 businesses to assist in joining our hosting and designing team.

What is the next plan. We are going to use the funds to start using a mailing list so that people can get news on the go and on social media. We are also looking at upgrading our internet infrastructure as we use Vodacom LTE for mobile broadcasts and Iburst for on site but we want to move to a 24/7 broadcast environment.

If you can assist us in finding the 10 businesses we would also be listing them on our website that had 12 000+ visitors this month to date.
Now lets get to the costing part of this.
R500 once off and designing fee
R219 per month
Includes designing, hosting and then also if updates needed to be done for free once a month.

Please contact youth and IT pastor @
Jesus Loves You!!!

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We have all seen this picture going around and we all have lost someone we love. The question can be turned to be said, do you love them enough to join them. This makes me excited because I know there is a time I am going to see some of you and some of my family in heaven. The truth is there is some that will be going to hell, even some that is reading this message.

No it would not be great. Would it not be great if we all lived with a vision to take everyone to heaven and to make sure that we are also going. If you love your family and friends, make sure you are taking them with you. If you let them live a live of sin – THEN YOU DO NOT LOVE THEM!!!

You do not just tell people and make them say a prayer to go to heaven. You walk a road with them and teach them to be a disciple so that they can make a disciple. Do you not long to live in eternity with Jesus and everyone around you. Are you really that selfish to rsther let them go to hell rather then to help them into eternity.

Recheck if you love the people or are you scared about what they will say?
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Written by Ben Liebenberg

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Let’s run away

If God is for us then why do we fear. Do you not have trust in Him that He will provide for us. Why then do you run to a pub/club to get drinks and not to the feet of Jesus. Lets het one thing straight – you can not serve God and your own desires.

We think we have everything we need when there is money, but in truth we need Jesus just as much when we have money as when we do not have money. We need Jesus as much when we are single en even more when we are married. There will come a time when I will get married and I will lead my family to Christ and stay on the road.

If I can not do that for my own body, how can I become one with another person and lead that family body to Christ. You see your relationship does not start when you get married – it starts when you are single.

You cannot drink the cup of the Lord and the cup of demons. You cannot partake of the table of the Lord and the table of demons. Shall we provoke the Lord to jealousy? Are we stronger than he? 1 Corinthians 10.21-22.ESV

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Do you love her/him?

If you get into bed with a girl/boy and you are not married, then you do not love him/her. People be warned that if you do that the relationship is going to fail. If you believe the lies that society tell that the other person will leave you if you dont have sex – IT IS A LIE!!! Do not be fooled by this world. He/she will anyway leave you if it is not love. You want to believe that – then you are blind!! Look at divorce figures today and ask yourself how can you believe the world but not God that created marriages!!

You are not wise if you sleep with someone not being you spouse.
You are not awesome.
You are not cool.

Love is patient… 1 Corinthians 13:4 ESV

If we take this first part of what love is. You can not even complete the first 3 words then how can you call it love. I call the young generation to return from their wicked ways and repent to God. Let us be known as a young generation for Christ and not a generation that is for lust!!

Save a life and tell everyone the truth. I give you the right to copy these words or to share it. Let the world know about Jesus and save a life. I also believed these lies but I am free of this now and you can be free also.

Get in touch with one of Breakthrough team members if you need help!

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2015-07-28_07.48.28When talking about suicide there is always a few things that we need to remember. There are people, feelings and history in the peoples lives. Lets start from back to front.

We all have a history and a way of thinking. We cannot control the way others think because that is the way they are raised and circumstances they have faced. To overcome dissapointmens we all have a different way of doing it and there is not a lot you can do. To dig up and change the roots is going to take time and persistance because of resistance to change.

We all have emotions and we all handle emotions differently because of our history and because of caracter. Now people say things they dont have to when having emotions in a conversation. When emotions start to take over, rather stop a conversation and take it further later when you have calmed down. These type of fights can get difficult and aggressive and this is when domestic violence starts. People start drinking because they were never taught to deal with emotions and in order to be happy they need alcohol.

The last part is that there is people involved. With people involved you always sit with a selfish act of kindness. What is the meaning of this? I will always do good to someone to get something back or to gain something. I will only be kind when someone is looking that knows me or we are selfish when we can take something. Dear brother and sister you are stealing at this moment. Hebrews 10 talks about inspiring each other to do good works. So lets not be nasty to anyone because everyone has a difficult road.

Jesus came for us to save us and spend time with us. Lets live out Jesus and give hope to the lost and broken. Lets be kind to everyone and welcome everyone in our lives that God has sent. Husbands if a woman wants help, get your wife involved. Wifes if a man wants help, get your husband involved. Guard your hearts so that the enemy wont take away.

Ben Liebenberg



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