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TruLight Radio XM

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TruLight Radio XM
Wednesday / Woensdag
GMT / UTC +2

5:55 Woord op n Drafstap met Ps. Marius Swart
6:00 Focus on the Family Angus Buchan
6:05 Morning Psalms with Guest artist
6:35 Discover the Word
6:55 Our Daily Bread
7:00 Die Bron van my Krag
7:30 Fokus op die Familie
7:35 Focus on the Family
7:40 Gospel Truth with Andrew Wommach
8:00 Science Scripture and Salvation Show
9:05 Heilige Gees Uur
10:00 Voetstappe met Rudi van Heerden
10:45 Word on the Run with Ps. Marius Swart
11:00 Nuwe Hoop met Ds. Hennie Brits
11:30 Words to Live By
12:00 The Rhema Gospel Express Show
13:00 Living on the Edge with Chip
14:00 Believers Acadamy
15:00 Storie Tyd Met Dilize
16:00 Grassroots with Angus Buchan
16:30 In Touch with Dr. Charles Stanley
17:00 TruNews Daily Hour
18:00 TruLight Jam Sandwich
19:00 Teaching with Andrew Wommach
20:00 Dr.Irvin Baxter - End Time Teaching
21:05 Holy Spirit and Bible Reading Hour

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