Contact us

Our CEO – Jesus Christ the Son of the Almighty God
Phone : JEREMIAH 33V3

Our Marketing Director : The Holy Spirit

Our Station Manager – Pastor Dirk Flemix
Phone =27 0 72 844 2574

Our Sound Engineer – Daniel Light
Phone =27 0 79 772 9873

Our IT person – Pastor Ben Liebenberg

Our Presenters – The Light Family
Pastor J Rouse (Canada) – J Light
Kathryn C Lang (America) – Light of Hope
Ds. Elza Meyer – Ds Light
Ben Liebenberg – Ben10 Light
Dirk Flemix – Main Light
Daniel Flemix – Daniel Light
Dilize Flemix – Twinkel Light
Robert “Peacemaker” Pollard – Street Light

Program Directors
(Not Board Members or Directors of TruLight Broadcast Network (Pty) Ltd)

Angus Buchan
Dr. Ben Booyens
Dr. Michelle Strydom MD
Dr. Irvin Baxter
Dr. Andrew Wommach

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