How to Disciple a Muslim

To Disciple a Muslim (Islam) you have to know the difference between the Bible and the Koran. In The Next few days we will post 8 Articles to help you to win the soul of a Islam believer to Jesus Christ.



About 4,000 years ago, the patriarch Abraham cried out to God: “If only Ishmael
might live under your blessing!” He did this in response to God’s revelation to him
that his wife Sarah would have a son to the degree that she would be the “…mother
of nations” and that “…kings of peoples will come from her.”
After that heavenly announcement, Abraham fell facedown on the ground in
laughter and said to himself: “Will a son be born to a man a hundred years old?
Will Sarah bear a child at the age of ninety?” And then Abraham said to God: “If
only Ishmael might live under your blessing!”
In response to this fatherly plea, God said to Abraham: “Yes, but your wife Sarah
will bear you a son, and you will call him Isaac. I will establish My covenant with
him as an everlasting covenant for his descendants after him.”
Then God further promised to Abraham: “And as for Ishmael, I have heard you: I
will surely bless him; I will make him fruitful and will greatly increase his numbers.

He will be the father of twelve rulers and I will make him into a great nation. But my covenant I will establish with Isaac whom Sarah will bear to you by this time next year. When He had finished speaking with Abraham, God went up from him” (Gen.
17:1522; c.f. Gen. 25:1318).
The great question then is this: “With whom did God make a covenant – Ishmael,
Abraham’s first born son? Or with Isaac, Abraham’s second born?”
This Genesis account clearly says that while God made a covenant with Isaac, He
definitely gave a great blessing to Ishmael.
Therefore, for some 4,000 years the world has been living with the covenant and
conflict between these two halfbrothers.
And there are now several billion of the “sons of Isaac” and the “sons of Ishmael” spread across the world. And directly or indirectly, the rest of the 6 billion people on planet earth are caught up in some way with their conflict!
Today, the spiritual “sons of Ishmael” are known as Muslims, the “people of

Without question, Islam is Christianity’s greatest spiritual challenge! Long before
the implosion of Marxism and Communism, I had been giving the WARNING that
Islam was the next major “ism” or ideology that the world in general – and the
church in particular, had to deal with.
By its very nature, Islam – like Christianity, is evangelistic and expansionist to the core. And both are global in their design and desire for the world. Properly
understood, Islam has nothing less than world domination as its goal. Therefore, it
cannot – and will not stop, until it has extended the Islamic crescent across the
entirety of the globe!

But neither can Christianity rest until she has properly communicated the message
of the cross to the entire world! We too are under a “Great Commission” to
evangelize – but not Christianize, the world. We too are a missionary faith.
Therefore, Christianity must also be proactive in sharing the claims of Christ to the 6 billion plus people living on planet earth. We cannot be faithful to the “marching orders” given to us by Jesus Christ unless we are aggressively evangelistic to the core of our being. However, we seek to extend the message of the cross in the spirit of the cross – or in the agape love of Jesus Christ! The only force we are ever to use is the force of love!

Therefore, authentic Christianity has always sought to “conquer by love” rather
than “conquer by force!” While Islam has generally always extended itself through
the “sword of Muhammed,” authentic Christianity has always sought to extend
itself through the “sword of the Spirit” – which is the Word of God (Eph. 6:17).
So as a result of these two allencompassing spiritual perspectives, Christianity
and Islam are on an inescapable and unavoidable collision course! There is an
inevitable “spiritual clash” and “cultural conflict” building between the Islamic and Christian worldview – on a worldwide scale! Both cannot passively and peaceably
coexist sidebyside.

By their very natures, one must supersede and dominate the other. That’s because they are mutually exclusive in their absolute claims about God…about man…about culture…about the whole of life.

So civilization as we now know it hangs in the balance between these two spiritual

Therefore, please carefully and prayerfully consider the following thoughts…

1. Whether you view Islam theologically, historically, culturally, geographically,
practically, economically or evangelistically – Islam is Christianity’s chief rival
for the loyalty of mankind.
2. As the latest and youngest World Religion on the stage of history, Islam is
Christianity’s most forceful, skillful and articulate theological and intellectual
competitor for the souls of mankind.
3. Since Islam is the only World Religion born since the advent of Christianity, its
very existence is a challenge to the finality of the Gospel. (TimeLine
4. Also, as a religion with a universal scope, Islam clearly claims to have
surpassed and superseded Christianity in every way. So Islam has a decided
“superiority complex” when it comes to Christianity.
5. And if we are honest about our perspective, we Christians also have a
perspective of spiritual superiority when it comes to Islam. We firmly believe
· Jesus Christ is superior in every way to the Muhammed;
· the Jehovah God of the Bible is the only true and living God, and not Allah;
· the Bible is a far superior revelation to the Koran;
· the spiritual ethics symbolized by the cross of Christ is a greater blessing to
mankind than the crescent of Islam.
6. However, even though I firmly believe those assertions, as the teacher of this
course I am going to try to be as objective as possible in my presentation of
both Christianity and Islam.
7. But in reality, there is no such thing as total objectivity. We all have some kind
of “rosy tented glasses” through which we view the world. That personal
perspective is called our “World View” – whether or not we have stopped to
analyze it.
8. Obviously, my World View is that of the Judeo Christian Faith.
9. So while I make no naïve claims to “total objectivity,” will seek to be as fair and objective as possible.
10.I will seek to base my teaching on “historical facts” – not on “subjective
opinions.” And in the case of both Christianity and Islam, I will let their
respective Holy Books speak for themselves. Therefore, I will quote often from
the primary sources of the Bible and the Koran.
11. Also, in this course I will not engage in slander or misrepresentation of the
facts. Nor will I seek to “belittle the faith” of sincere Muslims.
12. And since my Master’s Degree was in “Comparative World Religions,” and my
Doctor of Ministry was in “Contemporary Cults,” I have some academic
background for this study. In addition, I have spent the last 40 years traveling
the world – much of it in predominantly Muslim countries. So I have had the
opportunity to study Islam academically and practically.
13. So I will do my best to clearly and fairly point out the differences between
Christianity and Islam – quoting from the Holy Scriptures of both faiths.
14. At times I will “speak the truth in love” to our Moslem friends in the hopes that
they will take a fresh look at what Christianity really teaches…what the Bible
really says…and most importantly, about what Jesus Christ really taught and
15. Finally, Islam is a “crash course” in Christian doctrine – just as is the case with a study of Comparative Religion or Contemporary Cults. A study like this forces
you to evaluate and think through your own faith at a deeper level. So while I
hope that you will learn something about Islam in this course, I hope you will
learn even more about your own faith as a Christian!


Let me share some startling and sobering statistics about Islam:
1. Over 1.6 billion followers worldwide – and aggressively growing;
2. Islam is second only to Christianity in its ethnic diversity and geographical
scope of influence;
3. As we have already seen, by its very nature, Islam is a political faith with a
yearning for global expansion and world domination;
4. In other words, if Islam reaches its goals – your children and grandchildren will
grow up in a “Muslim America”;
5. Islam is the second largest religion in the world – following Christianity. And
their numbers are rapidly increasing due to high birth rates. So while Islam is
Christianity biologically, Christianity continues to lead Islam
evangelistically. However, the growth gap is narrowing every year;
6. Muslims compose approximately 20%, or 1/5 of world’s population. So 1 in
every 5 humans on earth are Muslims;
7. Muslims constitute the largest single block of unreached peoples in the world.
1 out of every 3 unreached people in the world is a Muslim;
8. Over 2,000 mosques and Moslem Training Centers in America – and growing
9. The State of New Mexico is the site of America’s first allMuslim
called Dar al Islam. It is situated on 1,280 acres and will be an orthodox Sunni
community from which they intend to evangelize America;
10.Islam has become the major religion in much of Europe (Great Britain, France,
Spain, Germany, etc);
11.Muslims believe – and are working toward the goal, that Europe will become
completely Islamic within a few decades. Thus the birthplace of the
Reformation and the Modern Missionary Movement will come under the Islamic
12. There are between 4 million and 6 million Muslims in America (exact statistics
here are not available due to the illegal immigration situation). But that still
means that there are now more Moslems in America than Presbyterians,
Episcopalians or Assembly of God;
13. Therefore, Islam has now surpassed Judaism as the second largest religion in
14. Their goal is to make America the “JudeoChristianIslamic
Nation” – and
ultimately a totally “Islamic Caliphate” or “Muslim Country”;
15. Islam is the only major world religion that has “converted” significant numbers
of people away from Christianity;
16. From the seventh century until now, the church has steadily lost ground to
Islam. So it is the only religion that has taken significant geographical areas
and entire countries from the Christian fold – and kept them:
· From Morocco to Mesopotamia, countries that were once under the cross are
now under the crescent;
· Every major First Century Church is under Islam today – and has been for
some 1,400 years;
· The “Seven Churches of Asia” spoken of in Revelation are all basically under
Islamic control today;
· Palestine, the home of Jesus and the early Church, became an early addition
to the Caliphate;
· Egypt, the motherland of Christian monasticism and a theological center
from Origen to Athanasius, came under the orbit of Mecca;
· North Africa, where all Western theology had its roots through the Latin
Fathers like Tertullian, Cyprian and Augustine, was incorporated into the
world of Islam;
· Anatolia (Asia Minor), the site of Paul’s early journeys, of the ecumenical
councils and of much of the patristic theology, all became provinces of
· Of the 5 great patriarchates of the ancient church – Rome, Constantinople,
Alexandria, Antioch and Jerusalem – only Rome has remained free from the
Muslim conquest;
· From Spain to Syria, Christianity has steadily retreated from the lands that
gave birth and early nurture to her;
· So except for the Iberian (SpanishPortuguese
peninsula) and Balkan
peninsulas, the church has never taken back lands lost to Islam (except in
Spain through the “Spanish Inquisition” through which Moslems were either
killed or expelled from the country);
· Had it not been for Charles “the Hammer” Martel leading his forces to victory
over the Muslim invaders in Southern France, Islam might have conquered
all of Europe;
· And Islam is Christianity’s greatest missionary competitor today as our
major rival for the allegiance of the people of the developing nations in both
Asia and Africa;
17. Since Islam is the only world religion born after the advent of Christianity, its very existence is a challenge to the finality of the Gospel!
· Next to Judaism, Islam is Christianity’s oldest and most successful
spiritual competitor;
· Both Islam and Christianity make total and exclusive claims;
· But because Islam came after Christianity, they feel superior religiously
and racially as the final revelation of God to man;
18. The world of Islam stretches from the shores of the Atlantic Ocean across three
continents to the Islands of the Pacific – thus being the world’s largest mission
19. However, through the centuries, Muslim people have continued to be the most
unresponsive of all to the Christian Gospel;
20. Conclusions: Islam is both the BIGGEST worldwide challenge to the Christian
faith – but also the BIGGEST opportunity!” However…
· Only 1% of Christian resources are directed toward Muslim evangelism
– when they are direction billions annually to promote Islam;
· Just 6% of the total Christian missionary force is focused on the Islamic
· There is only 1 Christian missionary for every 1 million Muslims;
· There are more missionaries working among
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