You can die!! Due to Unforgiveness

You can die!! Due to Unforgiveness.
an Chapter from the Ebook “Living with Eternity on my Mind” by Pastor Dirk from TruLight Radio.

We see in the model prayer Jesus Christ gave His disciples, that he places emphasis on Forgiveness – Giving and receiving of Forgiveness.

In this particular order – You Give then You receive!

Forgiveness is an important aspect in your relationship with humans and God, and beneficial to your health and well being. And this you will learn in this chapter.
Matt 6 v 9 – 13
9 Therefore pray in this way: Our Father, who is in Heaven, Hallowed be your name.
10 Your kingdom come, Your will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven.
11 Give us this day our daily bread;
12 and forgive us our debts as we also forgive our debtors.
13 And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from the evil. For Yours is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, forever. Amen.

If we do not forgive those that sinned against us instantly, God will not forgive us our sins. It’s plain and simple!

With UN forgiveness within you the conversation clock stops between you and God. God listens but does not act, giving forgiveness.
Matt 6 v 15 and 15 confirms we need to forgive those that sin against us.

Without forgiveness we will not receive the Blessings from Heaven as promised to us in Gods word- The Bible.
14 for if you forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you;
15 but if you do not forgive men their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses.

Col 4 v 6 states that we should forgive freely as God forgives freely.
Throughout my ministry I saw this several times. UN forgiveness actually affects your body, mind and spirit. It can affect your health to the negative and can even cause death.

You can die!! due to UN forgiveness.

During my ministry at the “Church on Wheels” I prayed with people several time, no hundreds of times and the cause of their illness, sickness and problems were un-forgiveness. People that were ill for years, but the medical field confirmed that there is nothing medically wrong in their bodies. But the symptoms are this of a medical problem. Somewhere somebody sinned against them and they never forgave this person in the Heart/Mind and spirit. And this is causing several fiscal and physiologic problems and can eventually cause death. During our ministry I found a
concentration in un-forgiveness within Christians. And I even in some cases had to cast demons from some Christians. Un-forgiveness is a hosting ground for demon possession.

One lady had unresolved issues with her dad, and I had to cast a demon from her, before she could receive the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. These issues build up to hatred and anger and this opens the soul and spirit to demon possession.

We went from town to town, spending one week at each town ministering the town, sinners and Christians alike, to baptize them in the Holy Spirit.

We used dynamic messages, but God did all the work. On Wednesdays we gave a learning of things that stand between you and God. And the next night we had the healing, deliverance and freedom service.

Our massage was: bring the things that stand between you and God and we will place it on the Fire Altar. Things of the past and things you are currently busy with.
And un-forgiveness was the major prayer topic all over.

Candidates came to the fire altar, and as soon as they started speaking to God and giving forgiveness, by laying a photo, or a name on a piece of paper on the flames, healing started.

Tears where always running down the faces, 3 out off every 10 Christian received the baptism of the Holy Spirit right there next to the Fire altar, the balance at the anointing of oil minutes later.

As soon as they gave forgiveness, they received forgiveness and at the same time healing of body, mind and spirit. What a beautiful picture every- time.

I just want to tell you the Story of a lady that came to the fire altar on night
in Oudtshoorn in Cape Province, South Africa.
This lady kept her rebellious son lodged in her heart for 10 years. She could not forgive him, for turning away from God. See bought him up as God fearing. But he rebelled against God and her!

Our suggestion to her was to bring a photo of her son and place it on the fire altar, to give him into the hands of God. She had to forgive him and set him free for God to work with him.

She came with the photo to the fire after she waited in a long line to get to the front. When she arrived in front of the fire altar, she already had tears pouring down her face. As I guided her through the steps, she continued crying.
And when it was time for her to speak to God and place the photo on the flames she totally broke up and with the words “God, I give Jaco to You to work within him”.

As the photo reached the flames, this young boys blue eyes burned into my soul, I will never forget the face on that photo, that day. And then the flames crumbled the photo and finally burning it to ashes.

The lady started crying un-controllably, she also had a back problem, and was slightly lodged forward when she walked, you could see there was pain when walking.

She started shaking in total heart brokenness and with the outpour of emotions, she did not even realize, that the back problem healed instantly.

She cried and cried the altar workers had to come and collect her from the fire altar to anoint her with oil. She was baptized with the Holy Spirit minutes later. She was now at ease; Jaco was now in Gods hands.

After the Baptism, the altar worker led her to the prayer tent as I continued with the long line of candidates of freedom.
After a few minutes, the Holy Spirit urged me to look down the long line of people waiting to speak to God and at the end of the line to my surprise Jaco was standing at the back (This ladies’ son).
My soul jumped with excitement! His mother had no idea, God already answered her prayers. I requested one of the Pastors to collect him from the back and bring him to the front of the line.

As he came to the fire altar, I was extremely inquisitive. Jaco explained that he was not at the previous night’s service, but he heard the preaching via the large speakers we have on the sides of the Trailer. He was playing rugby at that stage when the message and Spirit of God spoke to him, to come back to the Lord. He spoke to God and asked God forgiveness for his rebelliousness and placed a host of items on the fire, which formed part of his rebellious and sinful nature.

And the tears run uncontrollably from his big blue eyes. He was baptized by the Holy Spirits minutes later. But the great miracle came when the altar worker responsible for him lead him to the prayer tent. Just as his mother came out from the tent they met at the entrance. I never in my life saw so much happiness and tears at the
same time. She screamed to Heaven. Thank you God, You gave my son back to me!

We see in this miracle that UN forgiveness holds back blessings, causes heartache and can even cause illness and sickness.

That night there were several cases of UN forgiveness, another lady came to the fire altar. She was raped a few years ago and could never forgive her rapist. That night she wrote his name on a piece of paper and forgave him for the sin he sinned against her.

She also received the baptism of the Holy Spirit. She told me later that night that she and her husband battled to have a baby. And my words to her was “God healed everything at the fire altar tonight”

It was a few months later we received the news; she was pregnant with her first baby.
Healing and blessings follow after you released your soul from UN forgiveness.

Sometimes the heartaches, loved ones, and other people grabs onto your soul, stays lodged as UN forgiveness. And if it is not released it can build up to illness, sickness and even opening you spirit to demons.

In 2010 my Brother in law was diagnosed with a lung problem and later with emphysema. The doctors pointed out dust and his smoking addiction as cause of his illness. The dust from his previous and current work environments and the smoking he started, when he picked up a problem with his father and brother in laws from his side of the family. Yes, the dust and smoking were parts of the problem, but the main problem UN forgiveness!

Nick’s story started years ago when his Father and two brother in laws sold him a deep Sea boat. His question to them was if this fishing boat is seaworthy? They insured him it was. He then purchased the boat on good will but was amazed when the boat sank in the harbor on the way to the ocean. He requested a refund and they refused. This caused a large family argument and it was never settled. For years he never spoke to one of the parties and withdrew him and his family from the rest of the family.

His mother passed away and they had to attend the funeral. They drove 800 km to the funeral and in the Church when he received the funeral letter; he saw that his son and himself were excluded from the carrier list.

He could not assist in carrying his mother to her final resting place.
He was so upset, he could not even cry at the grave. He returns home never to speak to his father, two sisters and two brothers in law ever again.

His mother was buried on his birthday the 13th of July, and since that year he could never celebrate his birthday. My sister and his children knew, leave him alone at his birthday, days later they could celebrate his birthday.

After he was diagnosed with the lung problem and later with emphysema, his illness went for the worst, seven months later he ended up in ICU High care.

This UN forgiveness continued for years until one day when he was on his death bed.

On the 13th of July 2011 the doctors told my sister and their children he will not make it through the night.

When his family left, an old lady came to him. He could not see her, because he was lying on his chest on the hospital bed. She told him in no uncertain terms.
Sonny boy, you will die today, if you do not forgive your father and your two brothers in law.

All he could say. Is Dad and family I forgive you!

Suddenly he felt two strong hands pushing down on his back and his lungs filled with air. He was healed instantly. The next day he was released from hospital.

Yes, His lungs still had traces of damage due to the dust and the excessive smoking.

His healing happened on his birthday. What a birthday present.

His witness for the next two years was “Un-forgiveness can kill you!”

It’s medically proven by a Nobel price winner, that most of our human illness and sickness is the cause of emotional stress, like un- forgiveness.
This causes a gray area in our brain, and this causes illness and sickness and can even cause cancer.
When this emotional stress or forgiveness is forgiven, this gray area turns back to normal.

Jesus urges us to forgive our Neighbors, just as God will forgive us our sins.

We need to forgive family, friends and even our enemies instantly on a daily basis.
Psalm 65 v 3 Iniquities prevail against me: As for our transgressions, thou wilt forgive them. God loves us, that is why He will forgive us freely!
Psalm 86 v 5 for thou, Lord, art good, and ready to forgive, and abundant in loving kindness unto all them that calls upon thee.

Jesus emphasizes – forgive your neighbor 70 times 7 daily. Take this good advice from the Master.

Do it – it’s good for your health, and your relationship with the trinity, friends and family.

6 words can stop your suffering right now.

I forgive you! Please forgive me!

Nick passed away on the 14th of August 2013, forgiven, washed in the blood
of Jesus, baptized in water and in the Spirit, sealed for Eternity and now
with God.
This chapter is dedicated to the late Nick Smit from Saldanha in the Cape
Province of South Africa.
Nicolaas Smit
Born: 13th of July 1949 & and on his final journey to Heaven: 12th of August

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