666 Mark of the Beast = Old Technology?

Published November 25, 2015

666 Mark of the Beast – Old Technology? This raises serious concern!!!
BiyoWallet. No Mark on Hand or forehead needed ? Only your Hand and Your Palm Vein Recognition.

The Revolution is Here ! No Wallets . No Cash . No Card , No MicroChip , No Barcode , No PaperWork, No Reciept All you need is yourself, Pay with Your Hand.

Palm Vein Recognition

What is palm vein pattern recognition?

Palm vein pattern recognition uses harmless near infrared light (think TV remote) to capture the pattern of veins in your palm. The technology looks for flowing blood, and is not affected by cuts or dirt on the palm to get an accurate reading. Furthermore, the sensor is contactless to ensure optimal hygeine. Palm vein patterns are secure because you can’t leave traces of your palm vein patterns like you can with fingerprints, and recreating a hand with flowing blood is practically impossible (not to mention creepy).
How accurate is palm vein pattern recognition?
The acceptance rate for a scanned palm vein pattern is 99.99992%. We use your phone number as a second factor of authentication to make sure that your data is safe. Think of your phone number as your username, and your palm as the password. You won’t have to worry about people creeping over your shoulders to steal your payment information.

What if someone cuts off my hand?
Firstly, we really hope that this won’t ever happen. However, even if someone, somehow, got away with sneaking a chopped off hand into any store, they wouldn’t be able to use it at check-out due to a lack of blood flow in the severed hand.

Security starts with you
User error accounts for a significant amount of fraud around the world. Accidental data leaks, data phishing, shoulder surfing, and other things have accounts for a tremendous amount of identity theft. With Biyo, you won’t have to worry about any of that.
No passwords to steal
Unforgeable biometrics
2-factor authentication
No physical financial tokens to lose
No wallets to forget
Redundant Encryption
Even our encryption has encryption. From your palm vein data, to the credit card reader, to your profile data, everything is compulsively secured.
Server Isolation
Biyo does not store any credit card information. We’ve partnered with Global Payments to keep the credit card vault separate from the biometric and profile data. Each server has its own security measures, Biyo only stores tokens that refer to the actual credit card data stored with the bank.
PCI Compliance
Payment Card Industry compliance ensures that financial data is safe from breaches and fraud. We follow PCI DSS guidelines and have teamed up with Global Payments to secure customer card data.


“Spread your fingers.”


“Remove your hand.”

Just like that, a machine called PulseWallet scanned the veins in my right hand and charged my credit card.

PulseWallet, or palm scanners like it, might soon call your local Starbucks home and provide one more way to pay for your Pumpkin Spice Latte.

PulseWallet is a credit card terminal and register with a built-in biometric palm reader. Inside the reader is an infrared Fujitsu camera that photographs your vein pattern and then pairs it with the credit card you’ve swiped. Once you’ve paired you can hold your hand over any PulseWallet terminal to pay with your credit card. If you’re a business owner, you can hook it up to your POS (point of sale) cash register, or to PulseWallet’s bundled register, which includes a Windows tablet. The whole package is being announced today, and goes on sale next month for a yet-unspecified price.

PulseWallet may not command the hype of immaculately designed Silicon Valley payments startups like Coin or Square, flush with cash and top engineering talent, but it works. It was non-invasive and able to identify you in less than a second in my tests. In the age of Touch ID, PulseWallet’s hands-off approach is refreshing, but is it anything more than a pipe dream in a world where any attempt to create a new payments system runs into gigantic roadblocks?


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