“Knights Templar” Claims to be The Spiritual Force behind the Trump Election!

TRULIGHT RADIO XM BREAKING NEWS! The Modern Day “Knights Templar” Claims to be The Backing Spiritual Force that Made the Brexit in UK and The Donald Trump win in USA, Possible!
The Truth shall set You Free!
Child of God be aware of this claim to fame and in reading this Article posted in the Media.
“The Templars – Our Quiet, Efficient and Effective Campaign for Brexit victory”

The Knights Templar remains a Member of the Freemasons! Don’t Be Fooled !

The Knights Templar claim that their Intervention in Media, Intersession and Prayer was the reason England Could Brexit from the EU and they confirmed that they were the force that assisted to Keep Hillary Clinton from being elected as President of the USA.

Note: That the False Prophet comes as an Angel of the Light. The False Prophet comes with sweet words of Intersession and Prayer and God’s hand in their actions!
This is only a ploy by the Modern Day Knights Templar to win Members.


Jesus said!

Mar 13:22 For false Christs and false prophets shall rise, and shall shew signs and wonders, to seduce, if it were possible, even the elect.

Mat 24:4-5 And Jesus answered and said unto them, Take heed that no man deceive you. For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many.

Mat 24:11 And many false prophets shall rise, and shall deceive many.

Christian Friend, Note that the Knights Templar was not the spiritual force behind the Brexit and the Election of Donald Trump as President of America. All this is Part of God’s Master Plan. All this was Prophesied in the Bible over 3500 Years Ago! See Pastor Dirk Flemix articles on .

The Modern Day Knights Templar misused their Bible Knowledge of Bible Prophecy for 98% of Christians don’t Know Bible Prophecy or even read their Bibles!

Brexit in Bible Prophecy: Brexit in Bible Prophecy


Trump and America in Bible Prophecy: America in Bible Prophecy

The Article

From the Knights Templar International Website!

The Templars – Our Quiet, Efficient and Effective Campaign for Brexit victory!

The Knights Templar International’s role in Britain voting to leave the EU.
The European Union is a Godless, socialist tyranny whose evil is summed up in the deliberately blasphemous design of the Strasbourg Parliament as a latter day Tower of Babel. So when it was announced that Britain would allow its citizens to vote on whether to stay or leave the EU, the KTI’s ruling Council met to decide our strategy and plan our part in the campaign for British independence.

We knew the corrupt political elite would never have allowed the referendum unless they were very sure that the vote would be to stay in the EU, so we knew that we had a monumental, if not impossible, task ahead of us.

However, NOTHING is impossible with God on our side. so we prayed hard and worked hard to help bring about one of the biggest upsets in European politics since the war.
Obviously many other organisations and individuals also worked very hard and poured money into the campaign for freedom. so it would be wrong to claim the Templars did this or were even the most important factor in the victory, but here is what we did, so you can judge for yourself how you think we affected the vote:

Many people are unaware of what the Templars do, well we do many things and always with great gusto, passion, ruthless dedication and serious professionalism. Few knew that we operate over a dozen news feeds and media platforms world-wide, including Arabic, American, Russian, and European, as well as our main British operations.

Through these we reach MILLIONS of people every day and that gives us a serious punching power for any issue we take on. In March 2016 our governing body, ‘The Council of Nine’ meet in conclave in the Serbian capital of Belgrade.

There we formulated a strategy to push the ‘BREXIT’ message far further than the official Leave organisations, with their focus on old-fashioned campaigning ever could. To that end, we set aside resources and skilled manpower to concentrate solely on this most important initiative. Within weeks we had seven highly- skilled media marketers on board and fully engaged in our quiet but vital effort to help set the UK free from EU tyranny.

We had two main offices assigned to this, one in Budapest, Hungary and one in Dundalk in the Republic of Ireland. These seven highly skilled and devoted social media experts worked 12 hour shifts six days a week for sixteen weeks without a break, producing or finding and promoting stories, memes (example pictured right), videos, and links that we fed out to literally millions of people daily across the UK.

Indeed many of the ‘Official’ Brexit bodies were soon using materials produced and circulated by us under a variety of personas, news feeds and blogs. As the campaign took off mid-April we were reaching around NINE MILLION people in the UK per week with our message and that grew to over 16 Million in the final weeks, with over 3 million engaged PER DAY!

On top of all this, we quietly advised and encouraged other non-official, pro-Brexit groups, some with very significant online ‘reach’, to help maximise the impact of their operations on public opinion.

While the electorate knew nothing of our involvement (though many millions of them certainly saw some of its products) the ‘powers that be’ knew and decided to launch wave after wave of attacks on us behind the scenes. From massive and sophisticated cyber-attacks, which were only defeated with further expenditure of money and time, to some ‘things’ far more sinister; yet we absorbed all they threw at us and then some. We had a Holy obligation to do and as Templars only death would stop us, and even then other Brothers would have taken on the role.
By early June we were confident that our input had done enough to set the ball rolling with enough momentum to actually win the vote. Then tragedy struck on June 16th. On that day a loner with – as far as is yet known – no track record with any local right-wing group suddenly managed to MAKE a gun and murder a well-loved remain MP on the streets of West Yorkshire.

This was a personal and national tragedy and stopped the growing momentum of the Leave campaign dead in its tracks. Weeks of work were destroyed by the actions of a mysterious ‘right-wing extremist’ as the liberal media gleefully described him as they and Remain cynically exploited the tragic death of a young mother.

We did doubt that we could ever win after this, but our dedicated people went into overdrive, producing more web content than any other Brexit group. But despite that we still we had our doubts; so as a Religious Order before all other things we decided to have a general day of intercessory prayer and fasting to ask God to intervene in this matter and prevent the EU from concluding its Coudenhove-Kalergi and Eurabia Plans for the destruction of European Christendom. Looking at what happened next, we believe He did!

On polling day the Remain camp knew that London, a sprawling city with a 60% ethnic majority would be the deciding factor in the referendum. With five million voters it was assured that no matter how the rest of the county voted, London would win the day for the atheist EU with its Satanic agenda to destroy the God-given identity of nations and force perversion and the destruction of family and Christian values on us all.

And then, as Britain enjoyed fair weather from Scotland to Cornwall, a terrible and intense storm blew over London as the polls opened. Torrential rain, floods and wind ravished the city for hours on end. The ‘freak’ weather drastically depressed the turnout, costing Remain hundreds of thousands of vital votes.

To us this was eerily similar to the ‘Great wind of God’ that blew the invading Spanish Armada to destruction in August 1588 – another time when all seemed lost and Britain looked set to fall to foreign tyranny.

Yes, some may mock us and, yes, some may find such things implausible. but we do not. All though we worked to the point of collapse, and although we used every resource we had at our disposal, we are fully convinced that it was God and not us who gave the people of Britain back their Sovereignty, dignity and National PRIDE.

This is not to denigrate the great and superb work done by our marketing teams, indeed they are and shall always be the great unsung heroes of this momentous event, but to God we give all the glory and all the praise.

So now you have a better idea of what the Knights Templar International can do and achieve in our modern age (among many other activities world-wide). Now you have a better idea of why your membership support is so vital and important. Now everyone of our existing members know why you can feel proud that YOU, through being a member of our Order, played such a massive role in this historic victory over tyranny and oppression.

And now, whether you have or already joined or are at present only thinking of doing so, you may realise that we are no ordinary organisation. In recent weeks we threw all we had at assisting our British brethren, but tomorrow YOUR Country may need the ‘Templar’ treatment. We have already decided that the United States does! Next in line is a campaign to help keep the evil warmongering witch Hillary Clinton out of the White House! This is why is why The Knights Templar International Order are so vital in today’s changing world.

We fear neither princes, bankers, governments or nor global corporations. We shall continue to take them on, and defeat them, because we ARE God’s front-line ‘Soldiers’ and we do as we are commanded without fear or favour. So please pray for YOUR Order, support YOUR Order and be humble that God has chosen YOU to be with us as a part of something far bigger than any of us can ever fully comprehend.

Thank you to all those who helped out, and a massive thanks to the loyal, decent and brave people of Britain who stepped out in faith to free their ancient Nation from the un-elected liberal elite encamped in Brussels and Strasbourg. This was a good and noble cause. The British are Free and have shown the world that it can be done. Other captive nations will follow – DEUS VULT!
Sir Mc Bride KTI-NOM – Grand Master. END OF ARTICLE

Cloud Seeding , In the Hands of the Knights Templar this can become a Weapon of Mass Manipulation!

Water resources are increasingly taxed by exploding demand and continued population growth. The world’s population is projected to grow over 40% in the next 45 years.
Weather modification, commonly known as cloud seeding, is the application of scientific technology that can enhance a cloud’s ability to produce precipitation. Weather Modification, Inc., is on the forefront of scientific technology to maximize water availability worldwide. Application of scientific concepts and extensive scientific experimentation has proven that cloud seeding increases the amount of precipitation.

Cloud seeding useful in the following applications:

Increasing Precipitation

The most common application of cloud seeding is to increase precipitation, possible with both warm and cold clouds.
There are two primary methods employed to stimulate precipitation. One, hygroscopic seeding, affects warm cloud processes. The other, glaciogenic seeding, initiates cold cloud processes.
Though occasionally both techniques may be helpful, in most cases one can be utilized more effectively than the other. In addition, either technology can be applied from the surface (ground-based) or from an aircraft. Weather Modification, Inc. can help you decide which method will be most effective.

Augmenting Snowfall

Glaciogenic seeding can also be used to increase precipitation from stratiform and orographic clouds. In such cases, seeding may be accomplished through either ground-based or airborne modes. By increasing snowpack and resultant spring runoff, subsequent water supplies for hydropower are increased. In addition to alleviating the need for alternative costly power supplies, cloud seeding increases the water availability for municipal, recreational, and environmental interests.

Enhancing Rainfall

Efforts to increase rainfall during the warm seasons are typically aimed at convective clouds. While it is theoretically possible to seed such clouds using ground-based equipment, targeting from aircraft is much more efficient and accurate. It is usually possible to affect the cloud through releases of a seeding agent in sub-cloud updrafts, or by dropping the seeding agents directly into the upper regions of the clouds.
Warm season glaciogenic seeding is typically applied to treat supercooled cumulus congestus clouds, either by releasing the ice-forming (nucleating) seeding agent in the updraft beneath the actively-growing cumulus, or by dropping the nucleating agent directly into the supercooled cloud top. The seeding agents can produce ice at significantly warmer temperatures than the natural process. This is how glaciogenic seeding gives the treated cloud a head start in producing precipitation.

When clouds do not grow tall and cold enough to produce precipitation through the Bergeron process, it may be possible to stimulate precipitation growth by seeding these warm clouds with hygroscopic seeding agents. This approach can be quite successful through stimulation of the warm cloud precipitation processes. Hygroscopic seeding is normally done from aircraft flying in the sub-cloud updrafts, in order to affect the initial cloud droplet development which occurs in this zone.

Mitigating Hail Damage

Cloud seeding can be used as a tool to help mitigate hail damage and protect crop yields, homes and other property, thus reducing the economic harm from disastrous storm damage. Since hail is itself ice that is produced only by vigorous convective clouds, it is certain that such clouds are cold enough to be amenable to glaciogenic seeding techniques. Hail develops when excess supercooled liquid water develops within strong updrafts. However, if the excess might be induced to freeze into large numbers of small particles rather than much smaller numbers of large particles, the ice that does precipitate may melt during its transit through the warm sub-cloud layer, or if it doesn’t it will reach the surface as much smaller, less-damaging, ice.

Another useful application for cloud seeding is the treatment of ground-based clouds, also known as fog. Supercooled fogs, comprised of water droplets at temperatures cold enough to permit ice development, can easily be cleared by glaciogenic seeding. This can be done either from the ground or from airborne application. Your choice between the two will depend on characteristics such as local infrastructure, topography, and wind.

Aerial cloud seeding is the process of delivering a seeding agent by aircraft – either at the cloud base or cloud top. Top seeding allows for direct injection of the seeding agent into the supercooled cloud top. Base seeding is the release of the seeding agent in the updraft of a cloud base.

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