What is waiting for us in 2017?

2017, what is waiting for us?

2016 was a Year for Bible Prophecy fulfillment! And in 2017 we will see more Major Bible Prophecies come into fulfillment.

In 2016 (Click on the Links to Read the Articles)

The Prophecy of Zechariah.

The Prophecy of Jacob

The Prophecy of Ezekiel

The Revelation of John

What is waiting for us in 2017?

I want to shine the Light on 6 Major Bible Prophecies that started to go into reality during 2016 and high lighting it with Articles I have posted during the Year of 2016.

The 1st one is the Election of Donald Trump as President of America from 2017.
The Destiny Plan of America in Bible Prophecy will come into motion in 2017.
Daniel 7 and Revelations 12 . (Click on the Links to Read the Articles)

America in Bible Prophecy

2nd is the United Nations Resolution 181, in enforcing Israel back to it 1967 Borders, that will be voted on in 2017.
Daniel 11 and Matt 24 . (Click on the Links to Read the Articles)

Russia and its Land Claims

The 7 Year Peace Agreement

3rd ly The Increase of Famines , Earthquakes and Volcano Eruptions across the World, Started 3 Years ago and will increase until the 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ and The Rapture.
2017 will see Mighty Earthquakes and Super Volcanoes Erupting.
Matt 24 and Rev 16 . (Click on the Links to Read the Articles)

Earth’s Axle Wobble Increase

Earth’s Magnetic Field Shift

The Reason for the Extreme Weather on Earth

Nr. 4 the Gog and Magog Battle. As Russia and Iran will enforce Israel to Hand the Golan Heights back to Syria in 2017.
Ezek 38 and 39, Job 38 v 22 and Exodus 9 . (Click on the Links to Read the Articles)

The Real Reason for the War against ISIS

Front Row Tickets to Gog and Magog

Open Letter to President Putin on this Bible Prophecy

The Russian Northern Fleet at the Coast line of Israel

Nr. 5. The World is Getting Ready for the Mark of the Beast. 12 Number System may be implemented by the Word Bank in 2017.Please note that this is not the Mark of the Beast yet but the front runner Control System.
Rev 13 . (Click on the Links to Read the Articles)

The 12 Number Control system selected by The World Bank

I pray that The Holy Spirit will lead you into preparations for what is coming in 2017 and that the End Time Gift of Prophecy and Faith becomes part of your daily activities and that the Fruit of the Holy Spirit of Patience is adamant in your Life for the Years to come and Love will endure as Jesus is getting ready to come and collect His Bride at His 2nd Coming!
(Click on the Links to Read the Articles)

The Role of the Holy Spirit in the End Times

The End Time Fruit and Gift to Have!

May God and His Angels be Your Protection during the Time just ahead!
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