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Chapter 1: Introduction to the Holy Spirit
The Holy Spirit, The Spirit of God, The Comforter known by all, The Spirit of Truth as called by Jesus Christ. The 3rd personality in the Trinity from Heaven, with God the Father and Jesus Christ the son of God as the other two personalities and the Holy Spirit as He arrived in Acts 2.

But the Trinity and this includes the Holy Spirit was present from day one of the Creation of the Universe and Earth as we know it today. Genesis 1 verses 1 and 2.

We can read more about this: The Holy Spirit in Creation and the Quickening:
John 6 verse 63 & 1 Peter 3 verse 18
The Holy Spirit empowered Gods people since the beginning of time for service.
Exodus 28 verse 3 & Exodus 31 verses 1 to 5
He was always involved in Prophesies and the Prophets of old in inspiring them to Prophesize.
Num 11 verses 24 and 25 & 1 Sam 10 verse 6
The Spirit of God was always there to set the Children of God apart for service to the LORD in the Kingdom of God.
Isa 11 verse 2 & Ezek 2 verse 2
The Holy Spirit was always there to inform the Godly on the Promises from God.
Isa 32 verse 15 & Joel 2 verses 28 and 29
The Spirit of God was always involved in directing, moving and motivating the Children of God.
Ezek 3 verse 24 The Holy Spirit was always omnipresent and involved in the
omniscience of the Universe.
Psalms 139 verse 7 & Isa 40 verses 13 and 14 But in the New Testament the Holy Spirit receive more responsibilities and fields of service.

His role in Praise and worship!
John 4 verses 23 & 24; Romans 8 verses 26 & 27 and Jude 20 verse 21.
After the assent ion of Jesus Christ, He had to fill the comforting shoes of Jesus to us as the Christians.
He was now a Healer, Leader and Comforter. And had to operate via the Spirit filled Child of God too.
Mark 16 verses 15 to 20; 1 Co 12 verses 4 to 11 and Acts 5 verse 12.
All these were part of the Promises from the Prophets. And then the arrival of the Comforter – The Holy Spirit as per Acts 2 verses 1 to 4.
And suddenly the promise from God and Jesus come alive. Acts 2 verses 16 to 18.
We know that God the Father, Jesus Christ the son of God and the Holy Spirit forms the Top Management of Heaven. And every personality within the Trinity has a specific function or role to play.

In this revelation from God we will learn the real role of the Spirit of truth.
The Holy Spirit is the high point of God’s presence within His new Temple – YOU and ME! (The Spirit filled Child of God).
Although He is omnipresent, He normally works behind the scenes of our lives and works 24 hours a day within us to create a clean and perfect temple for God.
And He uses tools like, the Word of God (the Bible) and Prayer to create and build a new temple within us.

The Baptism of the Holy Spirit is a very dynamic process. Not only a once of process of breaking, building and comforting. And finally succeed to get us sin free and clean, to approve us for the Holy of Holies. The Capital of the Kingdom of God = Heaven.

For sin is not allowed in Heaven!

And the ultimate gift of this approval “the mark (seal) of God”.
Sealed for Eternity! Set apart as holy to the LORD!
In this revelation we will meet the Holy Spirit – The Spirit of Truth.
“Not just a Spirit”- the Title of God’s revelation.
I was born in a Christian family, attended Sunday school from a tender age, raised up by God fearing parents. This teaches me all about God.

At the age of 12, I moved over to the Pentecostal church, this religion pulled me, due to the love that was between the church members. I was suddenly noticed for what I believed in. This newly found happiness was Heaven to me. Praising and worshipping God with music instruments like, piano, drums, timberlines, and even clapping hands and dancing in front of the Lord.

I was drawn to this like a moth to a flame.
I accepted Jesus in to my heart at the age of 13 in the Full Gospel Church of God in Springs, Gauteng, in South Africa.
I only learned about the Holy Spirit (The 3rd person in the Trinity from the Kingdom of Heaven) when I started my Diploma studies in Theology.
The Churches did not really teach about the Holy Spirit.

I knew God – my parents gave me a foundation
I knew Jesus – He was living in my heart at that stage But I did not know the Holy Spirit.
In my 3 year studies I learned about the Holy Spirit what I was taught by the Bible school and what I could understand from the Bible.

Only when I was baptized by the Holy Spirit, the word of God “The Bible” opened up to me. But again it was to study only that what was given to me in the past from the Bible School. Yes I started my Ministry with the help of the Holy Spirit. But I was
still not 100% satisfied with what I needed to know about this Great Spirit within me. I needed to find out more about this Comforter, God has send to me, when Jesus requested Him to come as the Spirit to live in my spirit.

There was still something missing, and I read every book there was about the Holy Spirit, Googled every article available on the Holy Spirit. I wanted to know everything about this Spirit of God that worked with but still separately from God and Jesus.

In my Ministry I learned more about the working of the Holy Spirit and the operation of the Gifts of the Spirit, The workings of the Fruits of the Spirit, The Holy Spirit within the Church of God, The Ministry of the Holy Spirit, and the Spirit that is a feast of Love.

I was always frantically busy learning. I wanted to know everything about this wonderful Spirit of God within me.
I had so many questions, but no answers. No book could give me any guidelines for what I needed to know. I wanted to learn everything about this Teacher, Comforter, and Leader in me.

Yes, in my Ministry I saw wonders and Miracles via the working of the Holy Spirit, Different ways of Baptism, what happens to a church when the Holy Spirit takes over, The Healing, The Wisdom, the Miracles, The Knowledge, the Faith and all the Gifts in working.

I regarded myself as an expert, I knew the Holy Spirit and how He operates, and I knew the Holy Spirit better than anybody I ever met.
If I hosted Bible studies within Churches, The Knowledge of the Holy Spirit poured out of me. This Bible discussion would continue into the morning hours of the next day. The church of God was and still is very hungry to learn about the 3rd person in
the Trinity the Spirit of God the Holy Spirit. I had all the answers- No – I did not- as I now write this to you.

But inside of me I still had a list of questions, unanswered.

I asked God:
“Please teach me more about your Spirit, I still need more info!” Then from August 2012 God sat me down and for 14 Months, God gave me this and several other revelations.

“This is how the Baptism of the Holy Spirit takes place.” Wow, what a revelation.
The Spirit of God is not just the 3rd and last person in our Great Trinity….
God the Almighty – The creator of the Universe Jesus, His Son –died for our sins on a Gross on Calvary and arose on the 3rd day and ascended to Heaven to prepare a place for us, and one day coming back to collect His Spirit filled Church.
But now the Holy Spirit, the Spirit within my spirit, with us.

“Not Just a Spirit”

I had several questions about the Holy Spirit?
1. How does the baptism really take place?
2. How does the Holy Spirit decide who to give what?
3. Why doesn’t everybody that was baptized by the Spirit, bear all the fruits of the Spirit?
4. Why does some Children of God get more gifts and fruits than other?
5. How does all this happen?
6. Why don’t some Christians receive the Baptism of the Holy Spirit? What If I, as Christian never get baptized by the Holy Spirit?
7. What does the Holy Spirit do for me, to inherit eternal Life?

All these Questions were answered by God in this Revelation.
This new revelation was always present in the Word of God but never pointed out to anybody.
We have to remember that nothing in the Word of God (The Bible) is there by mistake, every word has a meaning.
Every mention of something has a meaning and a purpose.

In this revelation we will learn about a new addition to our current theology.
– 4 Living Beings (Cherubim) moving with the Holy Spirit when the Baptism of the Holy Spirit takes place
– The Seven Spirit of God (the Sevenfold Spirit of God).
– The Seal (Mark) of God.
– The Ministry of the Holy Spirit.

We will understand the full purpose of the Trinity; we will understand key issues of the Ministry of Jesus on Earth. And the Ministry of His disciples and finally our ministry as disciples; we will know the Holy Spirit in full!

Not Just a Spirit – a new revelation from God.

Chapter 2 to follow soon!

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