The Impact a Dad has!

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One of the purposes of a marriage is to raise Godly children – and the role of the father and mother in this process is different: The role of the mother is to love and to nurture, and she treats her sons and daughters the same – she hugs her children, loves them, kisses them etc. The father does not treat his sons and daughters the same because his role is to establish identity and destiny. So for example he will rough and tumble with his sons, take them fishing, hunting etc. and do manly things – establishing his sons’ identity as men, whilst his daughter he will her put on his lap, tell her she is his beautiful princess, and treat her like a lady – affirming her femininity. We see the father bringing identity in our cultures – for example we take on the name of our father and when a woman gets married she takes on the surname (identity) of the man. We even see this with Jesus – two of the three times that God’s audible voice is heard in the New Testament – God the Father said: “This is my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased!”In other words the Father said, “This is My boy! (that is identity) and I am happy with where He is going (that’s destiny).”

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