Draai Terug na God – Ds Elza Meyer

Draai Terug na God! // Turn Back to God met Ds. Elza Meyer – Dinsdag Middag on 14h00 op TruLight Radio XM – AND Thursdays – Turn 2 God on 14h00 GMT + 2 , Click on the Photo to Listen in!!

Let us share with you the humble beginnings. A few years ago God commanded Elza Meyer in an audible voice to tell SA to turn to Him, to which Elza replied: But my voice is too soft. God was not daunted and Turn2God was born in obedience.

The Turn2God organization loves our King, proclaims the message given to us, and would like to assist in transforming this nation to turn to God in total dependence on Jesus Christ.

If your heart resonates with this, then here are a few areas within Turn2God Ministries, that might just be where you find your purpose as well.

Our ministry focuses via two open lenses, which serve as opportunity creators, where you can join in helping South-Africa turn to Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour:

Ds. Elza Meyer Website

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