Hearts aLight

Christian Youth stand closer to Your Cell Phone,Tablet or Laptop. The latest Program on TruLight Radio –
Hearts aLight with Robert Pollard
will be on air Saturday Nights from 21:00 – 21:30 and this Amazing Program will be part of the Mighty Teen Evening on TruLight Radio XM. Program will be broadcasting in English every 1st and last Friday of the month en elke 2de en 3de Vrydag in Afrikaans.

Robert se tema vers Mattheus 12 v 35 en sy hele sieningspunt sal wees oor harte wat gerig is op God!

Robert will addressing topic’s like :

* Die Vader se hart vir jou
* God stort sy Liefde in ons harte uit
* ‘n Slawe hart teenoor ‘n Seun se hart
* What is a hardened heart
* Above all else guard your HEART
* God kom skep in ons ‘n nuwe hart
* Hearts that cry out ÄBBA!!
* Hoe lyk jou hart?
* Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.

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