The Holy Spirit Hour

The Following Hours on TruLight Radio XM .have been dedicated too The Holy Spirit. 9 am (09h00) and 9 pm (21h00) GMT + 2 during the week. These Hours will be the Property of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit will prompt Pastor Dirk what to Play in these 2 Hours, One in the Morning and One in Night Time. and the Holy Spirit will connect the Listener with the Message! This will be totally Holy Spirit driven! why 9 o’clock ?

9 Being the Number of the Holy Spirit.
The 1st Ever Baptism of the Holy Spirit happened on the 9th Hour. Acts 1 and 2
There is 9 Gifts of the Spirit. 1 Cor 12
and there is 9 Fruits of the Spirit. Gal 5 v 22

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