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On the 11th May of 1986, Pastor Marius Swart accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as his personal Savior and in November 1987 experience a calling into the Full Time Ministry. He entered into the ministry as a pastor of the AFM of SA in 1991 .
He Pastored about 6 churches over the past 25 years , and is currently the Presiding Pastor of AFM Shellybeach , KwaZulu-Natal.
Over the years, his ministry as a “Teacher” stood out as primary ” gifting ” and thus two Afrikaans books have seen the light, and one english book namely: ” HEARING GOD’s VOICE – For Bibleschools and Cellgroups ”
For a period of about 2 years, he was involved with broadcasts on a local Christian radio station until the call to Scottburgh took him too far, to be involved any further.

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