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Every week TruLight Radio will take an Illness / Sickness and Give you the Spiritual connection to That Illness / Sickness / Disease. All Articles from Dr. Michelle Strydom MD on Healt and More! This will be a eye opener! We will Start with Cancer this week – Remember Jesus Christ is the Healer – God is the Creator of your Body and The Holy Spirit is the Comforter! You can be Healed!!!

We are going to take you into the foundation of all diseases as I give you insight into the spiritual, psychological and physical mechanisms that produce disease. We are going to show you how your thoughts and the things that you meditate on long term cause biological manifestation in the form of disease in your body.
The information in this book will also benefit those who do not have a disease or illness at the moment.

God’s perfect will is actually not healing, His perfect will is that you don’t get sick. Even if you don’t have a disease today, it is still important for you to learn God’s principles concerning health – because the principles you apply in your life that bring healing, are the same principles that will prevent disease.

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