Most Diseases are a Result of Sin and Separation

Most Diseases are a Result of Sin and Separation on One of Three Levels, by Dr.Michelle Strydom MD.
Isaiah 59 v 2: “But your iniquities have made a separation between you and your God, and your
sins have hidden His face from you, so that He will not hear.”

We see from Isaiah 59 v 2 that sin separates us from God. Most of the time disease can be traced back
to sin and thus separation on one of the following three levels:

1. Separation from God.
2. Separation from yourself.
3. Separation from others.

These are the three main roots or sin issues that cause most of disease known to mankind and which
Manifest through the human body in various ways. The foundation of the Kingdom of God is relationship.
Therefore the foundation of satan’s attack is to destroy your relationship with God, yourself and others.
These are the three areas where satan destroys our peace. When you are not at peace, you are not at ease– you are in a state of dis-ease which eventually leads to disease.

1. Separation From God

The first level is separation from God the Father – from Him as a Person, from His Word and from His

Separation From God As A Person:

There are people who do not know God at all – they have never invited
Jesus to be Lord of their lives. All healing has to begin with an intimate
love relationship with God the Father through His Son Jesus Christ beyond
the realms of empty man made religion. God wants an intimate
relationship with you – He wants you to know Him personally.

Jesus said in John 15 v 4 – 5: “4Dwell in Me, and I will dwell in you.
[Live in Me, and I will live in you.] Just as no branch can bear fruit of itself without abiding in (being
vitally united to) the vine, neither can you bear fruit unless you abide in Me. 5I am the Vine; you
are the branches. Whoever lives in Me and I in Him bears much (abundant) fruit. However, apart
from Me [cut off from vital union with Me] you can do nothing.”

I have no idea how to offer you any real healing or real peace apart from God because apart from God
you can do nothing. From a medical or scientific perspective you have to change your thinking in order
to get well from 87% of diseases. But you cannot change yourself in your own strength. For example, you
may have high blood pressure and I can explain to you on a purely scientific level how it is caused by fear,anxiety and stress. So you can set out on a mission to change your thinking by not worrying or stressing about the future and you may be able to keep it up for two or three days but then you will soon slip back
into your old ways and you will keep going round and round the same mountain. Both science and the
Bible are saying that to be healed of your disease, you need to change your thinking. But no permanent
change is possible apart from God – apart from God you can do nothing.

Furthermore you cannot claim what does not belong to you. For example, Discovery is a medical aid in
South Africa – if I went into hospital I would have no right to claim anything from them because I am not
a member and therefore they won’t cover me. If you are separated from God because you have not made
Jesus the Lord of your life, you are not part of God’s family. Therefore His promises which include healing
are not available to you.

Let’s have a look at this story in Mark 7 v 24 – 30: “24And Jesus rose and went away from there to
the region of Tyre and Sidon. And He went into a house and did not want anyone to know [that He
was there]; but it was not possible for Him to be hidden [from public notice]. 25Instead, at once, a
woman whose little daughter had (was under the control of) an unclean spirit heard about Him and
came and flung herself down at His feet. 26Now the woman was a Greek (Gentile), a Syrophoenician by nationality.

And she kept begging Him to drive the demon out of her little daughter. 27And He
said to her, First let the children be fed, for it is not becoming or proper or right to take the children’s
bread and throw it to the [little house] dogs. 28But she answered Him, Yes, Lord, yet even the
small pups under the table eat the little children’s scraps of food. 29And He said to her, Because of
this saying, you may go your way; the demon has gone out of your daughter [permanently]. 30And
she went home and found the child thrown on the couch, and the demon departed.”

Out of compassion Jesus healed this woman’s daughter but when this foreign woman initially asked
Jesus for healing, He said to her, “Let the children first be filled, for it is not right to take the children’s
bread and throw it to the dogs.” In other words what Jesus was saying to her is, “You don’t qualify. You
have no right to healing because you are separated from God – you are not under His covenant. You are
asking for something that does not belong to you.” There are many unsaved people from New Age and
false religions who want healing from God but do not want to accept Him. They are not interested in God
the Father, His Son or the Holy Spirit, they just want the “fix” so that they can get rid of their incurable
illness. I have already been approached by other doctors in South Africa who have seen the success of
this teaching in terms of people recovering from incurable diseases. They have asked me if they can take
the teaching in my book, but take God out of it so as to make it more acceptable to the world, as not all
people will accept God. My answer to them was this, “To take God out of the teaching in this book is like
giving people a car with no petrol in it. The car will not be able to take them anywhere. Apart from God
you can do nothing.”

If you do not know God or have an intimate love relationship with Him through His Son Jesus Christ, I
recommend that you read through the chapter on page 491.

Separation From God’s Love:

I gained this knowledge and insight concerning separation from God’s love from the teaching of Henry
Wright in a conference in South Africa.
There are people who are separated from God in that they are unable to receive His love. There are so
many people who are serving God who are not even sure that He loves them. Often these are the people
that had an earthly father who was harsh and abusive and now God the Father is guilty by association.
Because in their hurt, God has that same horrible name “Father”, they think that He is like the other one.
Then when I start talking about God as Abba Father or Daddy or Pappa, if they
have not been healed, there is something inside them that gets as irritated as it
can be because they have never experienced that and it irritates them because
they want it.

Pastor Henry Wright holds conferences all over the world where
he teaches these principles. At his conferences he asks the audience this question,
“How many of you growing up as children do not remember your earthly
father saying to you these words, “I love you”? Would you raise your hands.”
What he has almost always found is that 80 to 95% of people raise their hands
because they never heard their earthly father say, “I love you.” In one audience, there were 26 different
nations present and 95% of them raised their hands because they had never heard their earthly father say
those words. I held a conference at Revival Centre, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. Between 120 and 150 people
attended and over 90% of them raised their hands in response to that question. This is in every church in
the world. You can walk into any church and statistically over 90% will raise their hands.

One Zimbabwean
girl said to Henry Wright, “In all my entire life, even as a Christian, you are the first human being to look
me in the eye and say those words, “I Love you”. I’ve never heard those words in my entire life.” If you have
a breach in your relationship with God because of the failure of your earthly father to represent Him, you
may think that you are the only one. I want you to know that you are not alone in the void and the pain
that runs so deep. You are not alone in the fear and rejection that has been there from your childhood.
This is in epidemic proportions in our society.

In his book called “Bringing Up Boys” James Dobson told the true story of a greeting card company who
went into a prison. On mother’s day they decided to bring the men in prison cards to send out to their
mothers. There was such a response from the men that they had to go back to the factory and get more
cards just to keep up with the demand. Due to the success of this effort, on father’s day, they came back
to the prison with cards for the inmates to send to their fathers. Not even one man came to get a father’s
day card. Many of them had no idea who their fathers were. This is a tragedy. The voice of God the Father
is only recorded 3 times in the New Testament and that is at the baptism of Jesus with John (Matthew 3 v
17), at the time when Jesus was praying to the Father about being re-glorified after the resurrection and
the Father’s voice is heard, “I have glorified it and I will glorify it again” and at the mount of transfigu-
ration (Matthew 17 v 5). Two of three times where God the Father’s voice is heard audibly, here is what
is recorded about Jesus: “This is My Son, My Beloved, with Whom I am [and have always been delighted].”

Other translations say, “This is my Beloved Son in Whom I am well pleased.” Ladies, forget about
the fact that you didn’t hear your father say “I love you”, if you had just heard your father say these words
to you, “You are my beloved daughter in whom I am well pleased,” your heart would be singing forever.
If the men had heard their father say to them, “You are my beloved son in whom I am well pleased,” their
hearts would be singing forever.

This one issue of an unloving earthly father accounts for well over 70 different incurable diseases. Type
1 diabetes, multiple sclerosis, leukaemia and Non-Hodgkins lymphoma are 4 examples. When there is
verbal, emotional, physical or sexual abuse attached to it or performance, perfectionism, legalism, control
and force involved, the diseases that manifest are even worse. This is what is behind most cases of a severe
allergy disorder called multiple chemical sensitivity and environmental illness and certain pain disorders
such as fibromyalgia and irritable bowel syndrome. Statistically from the secular medical community,
75% of people with irritable bowel syndrome are females who were physically or sexually abused by their

The Bible says that pure and unblemished religion in the sight of God the Father is to take care of the
widows and orphans and to keep oneself unspotted and uncontaminated from the world (James 1 v 27).
While we are talking about separation from God as the basis of many diseases, let’s define who is fatherless
and who is a widow. We always think of this as the father or husband having died. However, that is not
everything that there is to the fatherless and the widow. You can have the father at home and he may as
well be dead for all that he brings into the spiritual wellbeing of that family. In that family, those children
are fatherless. A woman can be married to a man and be a spiritual widow for all that he brings into that
relationship. He doesn’t represent the Lord as a husband.

He is a roommate at best, if that. I haven’t mentioned
the verbal abuse and control that comes and then he commands her to submit sexually because he
has an urge. There are many sicknesses that are over 80% female. The women are not doing too well and
the problem is the husband and fathers on this planet that are not representing God the Father to their
families as they should.

The Bible says that the man was not created for the woman but the woman was created for the man.
That is a horrible scripture in today’s society because the men have not taken care of the women like God
intended them to. When the Bible says that the woman was created for the man, it is not in the chauvinistic
sense of legalism, control, damage and victimization. It means that the woman was created for the man
as a helpmate. It doesn’t mean that the men are greater than their wives or the wives are greater than the
men. It means there is an order of government. That government has been misunderstood. That government
is protection, safety and love. That government is where the wife
feels like she is the queen because the Bible says that the man who finds a
wife, finds a good thing (Proverbs 18 v 22). The men have not treated the
females like the prize that they really are.

Women were created by God to be nurtured, loved, covered, cared for,
protected and made to feel safe so that she can be a helpmate and mother
without fear. When the Bible says that the woman is the weaker vessel,
it is not a derogatory statement that says that she is inferior. It simply
means that there is something stronger than her to protect her namely a
loving male and the men haven’t always done a good job of that. Part of the problem in the home is that
the man doesn’t love himself. The Bible says that a man who loves his wife loves himself (Ephesians 5 v 28).
That means that if the man is not loving his wife, he doesn’t love himself – he has self-hatred.

You see, many of the men weren’t loved by their fathers either. They didn’t have fathers that were
proper role models to show them what a man of God looks like. For most of you the dinner table on
Sundays was guillotine night. You came to the table with “Sit down, shut up, it’s time for judgment.” No
wonder you have gastrointestinal problems such as stomach ulcers and irritable bowel syndrome because
you couldn’t even sit down and have dinner in peace. The men learned to be hard from their earthly fathers.

However, God can take the hardness of your heart and give you a soft one if you ask Him to and if
you allow Him to (Ezekiel 36 v 26).

It is the men who hold the keys to this planet. When the men finally decide to represent God the father
to their children and represent the Lord Jesus as husband to their wives, revival is about to begin. Until the
men decide to be a mirror image of heaven, as a father and a husband, we are stuck in every generation
with over 70 incurable diseases. In the chapter on page 153 explain why genetically inherited diseases run
through the father. To eradicate genetically inherited diseases from this planet, it would have to start with
salvation and sanctification of the men. Some of the husbands and fathers need to get onto their knees
before their wives and children and repent for their ways – for having opened the door for the enemy to
oppress their wives and children and for their hardness of heart. If you would just do that, you would get
rid of many of the diseases in your family and you would be spending less of your hard earned money on
doctors. When a father repents to his children and when a husband repents to his wife… the destiny of
mankind is about to be changed.

If you are a man and you are reading this book, I’d like to take a moment to impart something to your
life. As a doctor, I’d like to give you a picture of how you can change and undo the devastation of your
generations. Before your wife is ever your wife, she is a daughter of God the Father. Therefore she is entitled
to the honor that any daughter of God the Father deserves. If you don’t treat her right, do you really
want her Father on your case? Trust me, you don’t. Before she is ever your wife, she is the betrothed wife
of Christ and she is entitled to all the respect that the betrothed wife of Christ deserves. If you don’t treat
her right, do you want her Husband to be on your case? Before she is ever your wife, she should be your
best friend and therefore you shouldn’t need a night out with the boys. I encourage you to think this way
because the Father and the Son can see you and hear you.

1 Peter 3 v 7 commands husbands to love their wives – when a man treats his wife badly, his prayers
are cut off from God and nothing really works out well for him in life.

1 Peter 3 v 7: “In the same way you married men should live considerably with [your wives],
with an intelligent recognition [of the marriage relation], honoring the woman as [physically] the
weaker, but [realizing that you] are joint heirs of the grace (God’s unmerited favor) of life, in order
that your prayers may not be hindered and cut off [Otherwise you cannot pray effectively.]”

You men are wives too you know – you are wives to Jesus. You can learn how to be a better wife to
Jesus by being a better husband to your wives. Your homes need to be an oasis of peace and a safe haven
for your wife and children. Your home should be your first church. Women were designed to follow a loving
spiritual leader who demonstrates the Father heart of God to his family. God’s design and order for
families is that the man is the head of the woman, Christ is the Head of the man and the head of Christ
is the Father.

1 Corinthians 11 v 3: “But I want you to know and realize that Christ is the Head of every man,
the head of a woman is her husband and the Head of Christ is God.”

So we have the Father, and then we have Jesus, then the man, then the wife and then the children –
that is God’s divine order. If the man is passive and does not rule the home in love, the woman has no
choice but to take the reins. The minute she does, Satan’s entire kingdom comes to help her and all hell is
about to come in because the government and the protection is shattered. God did not create the females
to hold the burden of the planet. The women are not doing too well and their diseases are many because
they have been asked to do something that God never intended them to do. He never intended the women
to hold things together, He intended them to be held together by something stronger than her which is a
loving male who is the king and priest of his home.

When there is a role reversal where the woman is the domineering ruler of the home and the man
does not take his place as the spiritual head, you have an ungodly order and satan
has every legal right to come in with confusion and all kinds of disease such
as ADHD, dyslexia, colour blindness, learning disabilities, homosexuality, epilepsy
and autism. These are diseases that specifically follow ungodly order in the home
generationally. This has been found every single time 31. Until there is a restoration
of Godly order in our homes, we are stuck with these diseases in our generations.

This is not just about healing, it is about re-establishing the kingdom of God on
the earth. This is about reordering society one person and family at a time.
This area of separation from God the Father, because of the failure of an earthly father to represent
Him is big in disease. We have got to deal with it and move on and be vulnerable again without fear. We
need to get our warped image of God the Father sorted out and get to know His character for Who He is
as described in His Word.

Man made religion paints the image of a condemning God who is a mean old man sitting on the edge of
His throne waiting to teach us a lesson as soon as we step out of line. However, that is not the image and
character of God that the Bible portrays. God is a loving God. He is full of compassion, slow to anger and
abounding in loving kindness. His mercy is new every morning and His mercy endures forever. His faithfulness
reaches to the skies! God is not sitting on the edge of His Throne waiting for an opportunity to punish
you – He is earnestly waiting for an opportunity to bless you and to be gracious to you.

This is a word for those of you who are struggling with a breach in relationship between you and
God the Father: Isaiah 30 v 18: “And therefore the Lord [earnestly] waits [expecting, looking and
longing] to be gracious to you; and therefore He lifts Himself up, that He may have mercy on you
and show loving kindness to you. For the Lord is a God of justice. Blessed (happy, fortunate, to be
envied) are all those who [earnestly] wait for Him, who expect and look and long for Him [for His
victory, His favor, His love, His peace, His joy, and His matchless, unbroken companionship!]”

That is one of my favorite scriptures. If you will take a moment to think about it, it will bring you tremendous
hope. This scripture reveals a lot to you about the character of your God. For those of you who
have difficulty in identifying with the Father, I hope that this will increase your faith and enable you to
approach Him as your Daddy. God is literally sitting on the edge of His seat, looking for an opportunity to
bless you, to be gracious to you, to show you mercy and loving kindness.

Psalm 36 v 5: “Your mercy and loving kindness O Lord, extend to the skies, and Your faithfulness
to the clouds.”
Psalm 103 v 8 – 9: “The Lord is merciful and gracious, slow to anger and plenteous in mercy and
loving-kindness. He will not always chide or be contending, neither will He keep His anger forever
or hold a grudge”
Psalm 136 v 1: “Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good; For His mercy and loving kindness endures forever!”

The rest of this Psalm goes on to say that “God’s mercy endures forever” 26 times. If God
tells you that His mercy endures forever 26 times, are you going to finally get the message?
This next scripture reveals another aspect of God’s character and that is that He is love.

1 John 4 v 15 – 19: “15Anyone who confesses (acknowledges, owns) that Jesus is the Son of God,
God abides (lives, makes His home) in him and he [abides, lives, makes his home] in God. 16And we know (understand, recognize, are conscious of, by observation and by experience) and believe (ad-here to and put faith in and rely on) the love God cherishes for us. God is love, and he who dwells
and continues in love dwells and continues in God, God dwells and continues in him. 17In this [union
and communion with Him] love is brought to completion and attains perfection with us, that we
may have confidence for the day of judgment [with assurance and boldness to face Him], because
as He is, so are we in this world. 18There is no fear in love [dread does not exist], but full grown
(complete, perfect) love turns fear out of the doors and expels every trace of terror! For fear brings
with it the thought of punishment, and [so] he who is afraid has not reached the full maturity of
love [is not yet grown into love’s complete perfection]. 19We love Him, because He first loved us.”

If you want to know more about God’s character, go and study Jesus in the Bible because Jesus said “If
you have seen Me, you have seen the Father” (John 12 v 45). Jesus said I’ve come to show you the Father.

When Jesus died on the cross the veil was torn in two and now you can fearlessly and confidently and
boldly approach the Father’s Throne!

Hebrews 4 v 16: “Let us then fearlessly and confidently and boldly draw near to His throne of
grace (the throne of God’s unmerited favor to us sinners), that we may receive mercy [for our
failures] and find grace to help in good time for every need [appropriate help and well-timed help,
coming just when we need it].”

This is an important teaching for some of you because you have been avoiding the Father like the
plague. And if you do ever speak to Him in prayer, you approach Him as though He is about to strike you
with a lightning bolt. Here is a question for you – Where is the Father? He is in Heaven. Where is Jesus? At
the Father’s right hand. Where is Heaven? Up! So why do you look down when you pray? You may say “Well
that is just respect” – no man made religion taught you that. I want to reintroduce you to your Father. I
want you to stop avoiding Him. I want you to come boldly before His Throne.

Do you know what boldly is? You crash on in because He’s your Daddy and you
want to talk to Him! Barge in! You are a son or daughter of God by faith and
you can boldly approach His throne in time of need! He’s your Father – go bug
Him! Talk to Him! All prayer is, is conversation with your heavenly Father. You
don’t have to make it so super-spiritual. I have been in prayer meetings where a
person has prayed and I have heard every name of God, Father, Lord, Lord Jesus,
God, Father, Father God, God, God, Jesus after every second or third word…it’s time to just be real and just
be you with your Daddy. When you approach your Pappa when you pray, you can say, “Hello Father, I know
You – You are love, You are full of compassion, abounding in mercy and loving kindness. Your mercy is new
every morning and Your mercy endures forever. You sent Your Son to die for My sins. I love you Daddy –
You’re my Pappa…I want to ask You something…” And away you go!

Romans 8 v 15 – 16; “For [the Spirit which] you have now received [is] not a spirit of slavery to
put you once more into the bondage of fear, You have received the Spirit of adoption [the Spirit
producing son-ship] in [the bliss of] which we cry, Abba (Father)! Father! The Spirit Himself [thus]
testifies together with our own spirit [assuring us] that we are children of God.”

There are three main aspects of contact with God by faith and that is petition, worship and fellowship.
You can fellowship with God the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit but when it comes to petition, you need
to speak to the Father and that is where the breakdown comes. Many people just pray to God. Well, Who
is God? They say, “Just God”. Are you talking to God the Father, Jesus or the Holy Spirit? Does it matter?
Yes it does. I want you to stop avoiding the Father in your prayer time. I’m going to show you why it is
important Who you pray to when you ask for something, including healing.

John 16 v 23 – 27: “23And when that time comes (Jesus was talking about the time when He would
go back to the Father in Heaven after His resurrection), you will ask nothing of Me [you will need to
ask Me no questions]. I assure you, most solemnly I tell you, that my Father will grant you whatever you ask in My Name…24Up to this time you have not asked a [single] thing in My Name [as presenting
all that I AM]; but now ask and keep on asking and you will receive, so that your joy (gladness,
delight) may be full and complete. 25…but I shall tell you about the Father in plain words and openly
(without reserve). 26At that time you will ask (pray) in my Name; and I am not saying that I will ask
the Father on your behalf [for it will be unnecessary].”

Please note in this next verse what it says – the Great, Almighty, Awesome, Indescribable God Who is
your Father says that He loves you! “27For the Father Himself [tenderly] loves you because you have
loved Me and have believed that I came from the Father.”

In a nutshell, John 16 v 23 – 27 is telling you to pray to the Father in Jesus’ Name. So quit praying to
Jesus because He is not going to answer you – He is not going to be in rebellion to His own Word. You can
fellowship with Jesus but when you want something, including healing – you
go to your Father. If you read Acts 2 v 22 and Acts 4 v 24 – 30 you will see that
it was actually the Father that healed through Jesus and through the disciples.
I need to point this out to you because I need to teach you that when you pray,
you ask the Father to heal and deliver you in the Name of Jesus.

The next level of separation that we’re going to discuss where disease is
given the opportunity to come in is separation from yourself through a poor
self-image, low self-esteem and self-hatred. Developing a healthy self-image
starts with knowing who we are in Christ and learning to see ourselves as God
sees us. Therefore, it is necessary to get our image of God straightened out because how can you develop
a good self-image if your image of God is that He is harsh, mean and condemning? Until this issue of the
father is dealt with, it just sits there and simmers and keeps us breached from God the Father, it keeps us
breached from ourselves and from others because we find it so difficult to give and receive love.
If you are separated from God and unable to identify with Him as your Father because of a harsh and
abusive earthly father, you need ministry. At conferences where I teach this material, I deal with it in a way
that I have learnt from Henry Wright. I get the pastors and elders in church (who are elderly men or father
figures) to minister to each of the women and men at the conference individually who needed healing in
this area. These men stand in the place of their earthly fathers and say to them these words:
“On behalf of the father that did not, could not, would not or maybe didn’t know how to tell you that
he loved you, I your brother will take responsibility for your heart this day. On behalf of that father will
you forgive me for not telling you that I love you? I’m so sorry for the silence and the junk that would’ve
injured you and confused you and left you stranded and afraid on the inside when you needed him so
much. So in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ I release you from this fear and this confusion and this
pain. This day you are going to hear these words for your heart, “I love you. I’m so glad you were born. I’m
proud of you and you’re a good daughter (or son). Let that pain go in Jesus Name.”
After that the men hugged the person if he/she was comfortable with that and God did the rest as the
fountains of the deep broke forth and the tears flowed as healing began. During ministry on this level, it
is very moving and overwhelming to see how these people cry and sob in the grief and hurt because of
the loss of the love of a father.

Ultimately healing in this area has to begin with learning to receive God the Father’s love. As you begin
your journey of healing, I recommend that you spend as much time with God as you can. Sit at His feet
and enjoy fellowship in His presence.

You need to get to know the Father more.
Exodus 33 v 13 – 14: “Father show me Your ways, that I may know You [progressively become
more deeply and intimately acquainted with You, perceiving and recognizing and understanding
You more strongly and clearly]. And the Lord said, My Presence shall go with you and I will give
you rest.”

The only way you get to know somebody is to spend time with them. In getting to know Him, His love
for you will become more than just a mental concept – you will come to know Him and His overwhelming
and intense love for you through experience. I encourage you to take a hold of this scripture and make it a prayer of your heart:

Ephesians 3 v 14 – 20: “Father, I ask You to grant me out of the rich treasury of
Your glory to be strengthened and reinforced with mighty power in my inner man by the Holy Spirit
[Himself indwelling in my innermost being and personality]. May Christ through my faith [actually]
dwell (settle down, abide, make His permanent home) in my heart! May I be rooted deep in love and
founded securely on love, that I may have the power and be strong to apprehend and grasp with
all the saints [God’s devoted people, the experience of that love], what is the breadth and length
and height and depth [of it]; [That I may really come] to know [practically through experience for
myself] the love of Christ, which far surpasses mere knowledge [without experience]; that I may
be filled [through all my being] with all the fullness of God [may have the richest measure of the
divine Presence, and become a body wholly filled and flooded with God Himself]! Father, You by
Your power that is at work within me are able to [carry out Your purpose and] do superabundantly,

far over and above all that I [dare] ask or think [infinitely beyond my highest prayers, desires,
thoughts, hopes or dreams].”

Separation From God’s Word:

There are diseases that develop as a result of separation from God and His Word through involvement
in occultism. Occultism includes being involved in Satanism or any other form of false religion that
teaches anything other than the Word of God (the Bible) and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Occultism involves
contacting mediums, consulting witch doctors, wizards or some other occultic practitioner, dabbling in
sorcery and even contacting evil spirits by means of the ouija board game. What do you think makes that
board move and spell out those words? It is the first medium of contact with Satan in children. Levitation,
table tipping and spoon bending are all part of the kingdom and the power of Satan. There are even
some healthcare modalities that are part of the occult such as Eastern mysticism and yoga. This is based
on the demonic foundation of Kundalini.

Looking into the future or trying to control aspects of the future
through a fortune teller or any medium instead of consulting God and His Word is idolatry and makes
that person a “god” in your life that you trust. Our knowledge and wisdom comes from the Word of God,
not the study of creation such as the sun, moon, stars or what a diviner,
astrologer or false prophet has to say about the past, present and future.
If you have been involved in occultism of any form you have to come to a
place of repentance before God. Past involvement or continued involvement
in occultic practices, thinking or modalities of healing that are not of God
can prevent healing.

God’s first commandment in Exodus 20 v 3 was, “You shall have no
other gods before Me” and you better get this one straight. Involvement in
occultism is forgivable but it can open the door to the curse of many biological
and especially psychological and psychiatric disorders. When we follow
other ways of thinking, other gods and other spiritual leaders that were not ordained by God, we open up
our spirits, minds and ultimately our bodies to the devil who comes to steal, kill and destroy (John 10 v 10).

Diseases that stem from occultism are a result of separation from God and His Word. When the spirit of
God departs, all that man has left is his own tormented mind or a spirit of insanity from the devil. The first
evidence of this is fear and torment. 1 John 4 v 18 in the King James says, “Fear has torment.” Many of
the psychotic mental disorders in psychiatry like multiple personality disorder and paranoid schizophrenia
are often an insanity that comes from dabbling in occultism. Insanity came to Saul in 1 Samuel chapter
28 when he consulted a woman with a familiar spirit (a spiritualist, wizard). Here fear, torment and deep
mental confusion come in.

Other characteristics of occult bondage and influence are: Hatred and distrust of God, inability to hear
God’s voice or develop a prayer relationship with God, falling asleep in church
and falling asleep while reading the Bible, losing interest in attending church and
reading God’s Word, fear, tormenting thoughts and frustration, unable to sleep,
night torment and night terror, fear of authority, fear of relationships, feelings of
isolation, suspicion and feelings of accusation against others and oneself, hostility,
division, conflict, domination and manipulation – control of others, rebellion,
obsessions and stubbornness, depression and oppression, certain types of pain especially
in relationship to the central nervous system (brain and spinal cord) and
out of body experiences. According to the Bible involvement in witchcraft and sorcery of any form carries
a death penalty. In the Bible there are several stories where people became ill with an incurable disease and
died premature deaths because they consulted a spiritualist, wizard or some type of occultic practitioner
to try to be healed of their disease, when they should have first sought God and His Word.

In 2 Kings 1 v 2 – 4, a king called Ahaziah died from his illness because he dabbled in sorcery: “2[King]
Ahaziah fell down through a lattice in his upper chamber in Samaria and lay sick. He sent messengers
saying, Go, ask Baal-zebub, the god of [Philistine] Ekron, if I shall recover from this illness.
3But the angel of the Lord said to Elijah the Tishbite, Arise, go up to meet the messengers of the
king in Samaria and say to them, Is it because there is no God in Israel that you are going to inquire
of Baal-zebub, the god of Ekron? 4Therefore the Lord says: You [Ahaziah] shall not leave the bed
on which you lie, but shall surely die.”

Previously I mentioned that Solomon died prematurely at the age of 60 because he disobeyed God and
followed the gods of his pagan wives. God appeared to him twice about this issue but he would not listen
(1 Kings 11 v 4 – 11). King Saul died prematurely because of his disobedience towards God and because he consulted the witch of Endor who had a familiar spirit:

1 Chronicles 10 v 13 – 14: “So Saul died for his trespass against the Lord [in sparing Amalek],
for his unfaithfulness in not keeping God’s Word, and also for consulting [a medium with] a spirit
of the dead to inquire pleadingly of it, and inquired not so of the Lord [in earnest penitence.]
Therefore the Lord slew him and turned the kingdom over to David son of Jesse.”

Saul lost his kingdom and his life because he did not keep God’s Word and he dabbled in witchcraft.
There is no doubt that he thought that this spiritualist or wizard would speak the truth to him, but such
people are not only deceived themselves, they also speak deception to others and present it as truth. We
need to get to know the Word through studying it so that we can live by “the Truth, the whole Truth and
nothing but the Truth”. If you don’t know the Word of God, you are easily swayed and deceived into following false doctrines.

The first line of defense against occultism is knowing the Word of God. Perfect peace belongs to those
whose minds are fixed on the Lord (Isaiah 26 v 3), and the Lord is the Word of God. Many occultic modalities
that are out there may offer various forms of spirituality but are often missing the Word of God as a
foundation. When Scripture is used, it is used out of context or to manipulate or create future promises of
blessing without any regard to holiness and sanctification.

You can be separated from yourself through self-hatred, self-rejection, self-condemnation, self-accusation,
self disapproval, guilt, a poor self-image and a low self-esteem. There are a tremendous amount
of diseases that have been traced back to self-hatred and a low self-esteem in a person’s thought life. 50%
of all deaths in America are caused by coronary artery disease due to atherosclerosis. This is a disease that
results from self-hatred. Insecurity, self-rejection, a low self-esteem, a poor self-image and self-hatred
are in epidemic proportions in society in America and world wide… and the church is unfortunately no
exception. People simply don’t like themselves. There are many people who even wish they were dead, and
will say so if you talk to them long enough. They don’t believe that they belong on this planet. They don’t
believe that God or any body loves them and they believe that they are not worthy to be loved. I am here
to tell you that the awesome, indescribable, almighty, holy God Who is the Greatest of all says He loves
you! (See 1 John 4 v 15 – 19 mentioned above). How can you not love yourself if God loves you? God
spared nothing for you in His love for you – even His only beloved Son!

John 3 v 16: “For God so greatly loved and dearly prized the world that He [even] gave up His
only begotten (unique) Son, so that whoever believes in (trusts in, clings to, relies on) Him shall not
perish (come to destruction, be lost) but have eternal lasting life.”

Under which Gospel do you have the audacity to not love yourself and think that you are worthless?
God loves you, He said it and He proved it when He sent His only Son to die for you. Therefore when you
disagree by not accepting yourself, and you hate yourself, you have called the God who created you and
loved you from the foundation of the world a liar. You have declared that He made a mistake in saving you.

If you have a poor self-image and you do not love yourself, you are in direct opposition to God and you
open yourself up to the devil to agree with you. Self-hatred and a low self-esteem
is a sin and it is a major disease maker. I have explained that whatever goes on in
your thought life your brain converts into a physical reaction. When people attack
themselves spiritually through thoughts of self-hatred and a low self-esteem – the
resultant physical reaction is going to be the body attacking and destroying its own
body tissue. This is what happens for example in autoimmune diseases.

Your immune system is the army of cells in your body that were created to protect
you from harmful things like viruses, bacteria, parasites, fungus, toxins and cancer cells. When the cells
of your immune system see these harmful substances floating around in your blood stream and body
tissues, they go and kill or remove them, thus helping to protect you from getting sick and keep you
healthy. However, when you attack yourself spiritually through thoughts of self-hatred, self-rejection and
self bitterness, the immune system is redirected to attack your own body tissues, while ignoring the true
enemy which is viruses, bacteria, cancer cells etc (this is explained in more detail on page 200). When you
are attacking yourself spiritually in your thoughts, the biogenetic character of the cells of the immune
system is changed so that they take on an assignment of the devil and go on a highly calculated mission
of destruction. Thus the immune system, which was originally designed by God for your good (protection
against infections, cancer etc), begins to cause disease in your body. An example of this is type 1 diabetes
mellitus where the immune system attacks and destroys the pancreas so that it can no longer produce
insulin. Another example is hypothyroidism where the thyroid is attacked and destroyed by the immune
system and thus cannot produce enough thyroid hormones. SLE (lupus), Chron’s disease, rheumatoid arthritis
and multiple sclerosis are other examples.

God says that if you hate your brother in your heart, you are guilty of murder (1 John 3 v 15). Likewise, if
you have a low self-esteem and hate yourself in your heart, you are murdering yourself in your thoughts…
and be careful, because eventually your body will follow suit and will begin attacking itself – you will
eventually end up with diseases that will lead to your physical death… all because you were murdering
yourself in your thoughts. God said that you are valuable and that you were worth the life of His only Son
and when you disagree with Him, you set yourself greater than God and that’s idolatry. Under the law the
penalty of idolatry was death and today the diseases that come from self-hatred lead to death.
There is a very high price to pay for not loving yourself. When you hate yourself or are murdering
yourself in your thoughts – your body will respond to this by murdering itself. What is the best way to
kill body tissue? The answer is cut off its blood supply. That is exactly what diseases like high cholesterol
(which causes atherosclerosis) and diabetes do – they damage the blood vessels and the heart. The Bible
says in Leviticus 17 V 11 that the life is in the blood. This is also very accurate medically because the blood
contains oxygen, nutrients and energy needed to keep body cells alive. The heart pumps the blood and the
blood vessels transport the blood to the tissues, organs and muscles all over your body. So by damaging the
heart and blood vessels – you cut off the blood supply – you cut off the life – you kill off the body tissue.
The result is heart attacks and strokes (where the tissue in the heart and brain dies). Diabetics are often
having to have their toes, feet and legs cut off due to gangrene which is a consequence of inadequate
blood supply. This is all a result of varying degrees of self-hatred upstream in the person’s thought life.
Another way that your brain responds to thoughts of self-hatred and a low self-esteem in your thought
life is to lower the serotonin levels in your brain. Clinical depression is basically low levels of serotonin.
Serotonin is the chemical in your brain that makes you feel good about yourself. Therefore if the serotonin
levels are low you feel terrible – no matter what you do, you feel depressed – and what do you want?
Comfort! The mouth was designed by God as the contact place for love and security.

That is why there is a
strong emotional bond that takes place when a baby is breastfed. When a child is feeling insecure it sucks
its thumb. People who smoke cigarettes have exchanged the thumb for something else. Others bring alcohol
or food to their mouth. Whether it is alcohol, drugs, cigarettes or food – when these things are brought
to the mouth is causes the person to feel comforted because the lips are the nurturing point. Dopamine
is then released which is the pleasure chemical in the brain. A rush of dopamine from the cigarette, drug
or food causes a pleasurable, fulfilling, satisfying sensation. However this feeling is short lasting and soon
wears off. Then what happens? The person gets into guilt and condemnation because of the alcohol or
food binge for example that they have just had. What does the brain do in response to the thoughts of
self-condemnation and guilt? Lower the serotonin levels! The serotonin
levels are low, the person is feeling bad and he has the memory of the
pleasurable, comforting feeling that he had when he put the alcohol or
cigarette to his mouth and so he reaches for it again…and so the vicious
negative cycle perpetuates. This is what is behind excessive weight gain
due to over eating and many addictions. This is how the devil keeps us in
bondage to them.

How you think about yourself directly affects the rate of your body’s
metabolism and that is why people with a low self-esteem, guilt and
self-hatred struggle with weight gain. Remember the hypothalamus is the area in the brain that connects
the mind to the body – it converts everything that is going on in a person’s thought life into a physical
reaction. The hypothalamus controls many functions in your body including sleep, thirst and eating. In
response to thoughts of condemnation, guilt, self disapproval and a low self-esteem the hypothalamus
sends electrochemical signals to the thyroid gland which releases thyroid hormones. One of the functions
of thyroid hormones is to control the rate at which the body metabolizes food. When your thoughts are
filled with self disapproval, self-condemnation, guilt, a low self-esteem and so on, the hypothalamus via
the thyroid slows the body’s rate of metabolism, which causes you to put on weight more easily. In the
chapter on page 234 I wrote about the fallacy of diets because it doesn’t matter what health diet you are
on, whatever food you eat is going to make you put on weight because the body just does not burn it.

Did you know that many of the diet pills on the market have nothing to do with suppressing appetite?
They work by increasing the serotonin levels, which then makes you feel good about yourself. Whenever
you feel good about yourself, you don’t put your thumb in your mouth – you have no need to put food
to your mouth. However these diet pills have dangerous side effects and are in themselves addictive. The
only effective way to loose weight is through changing your thinking – if you want to lose weight, start
loving yourself and your metabolism will speed up and you will lose the excess weight so long as you eat in
moderation. Furthermore your serotonin levels will also increase and because you feel good about yourself,
you don’t need to bring food to your mouth and so you are not going to over eat.

One of the greatest problems today is that people do not think well of themselves.
You need to know that God’s Word teaches you to love yourself! Since the
Lord commanded you to love your neighbor as you love yourself (Matthew 19 v
19), He must think that it is as important to love yourself as it is to love others.

But it is not enough to just love yourself – you must also like yourself. If you are
having a terrible time getting along with other people, it is most probably because
you are not getting along with yourself. If you do not like yourself, you will have a
hard time liking anyone else. You may pretend you do, but sooner or later the truth
will come out. Do you know what is wrong with many marriages? Two people who
can’t even love themselves are trying to love one another. How can they love their
mate if they don’t love themselves? Earlier I mentioned Ephesians 5 v 28 which says that the man who
loves himself loves his wife. When I find men who are not loving their wives, I know that they don’t love
themselves. They cannot love their wife if they don’t love themselves. The first way to get a man to love
his wife is to get rid of the self-hatred that he has for himself. All he is doing is giving out who he is. And
he is probably giving out what was done to him by his father.

It is vital that you learn who you are in Christ and thus place your identity and sense of self worth in
Him. Building a healthy self-esteem starts with knowing who you are in Christ. I have included an extensive
teaching on this on page 498. When you are secure in your knowledge of who you are in Him, you can
give up your masks – you don’t have to pretend anymore – instead you are free to be yourself and just
enjoy who you are. You are also free to love yourself, and that will enable you to love others too.

That brings us to the third level of separation that leads to disease:

3. Separation from Others

You can be separated from others through broken relationships, long term anger, hatred, rage, resentment,
bitterness, un-forgiveness, jealousy, competition, performance, driveness to achieve, lack of nurturing
– the list goes on and on. When you think of somebody that has wronged you, do you feel that high
octane ping go off inside you?

A toxic stronghold or thorn tree of bitterness in your brain will increase the levels of stress hormones in
your blood such as cortisol. One of the effects of excessive levels of cortisol is the walls of the body cells
become rigid. As a result the body cells are not able to filter out toxic waste products from metabolism.
This leads to the accumulation of toxins inside the body cells which like battery acid literally eats away or
destroys the anti-oncogenes. Anti-oncogenes protect a cell from becoming cancerous when the DNA is
damaged, for example through wear and tear. Therefore when the antioncogenes
are destroyed, that cell can become cancerous. So there is a
tremendous amount of truth in the old saying that “Bitterness eats at
you like cancer.”

Bitterness of some form is behind most cancers. This can involve longterm,
lingering, festering bitterness which can be against others, against
yourself and even against God. For example we are seeing a lot of breast
cancer coming from bitterness related to a break up in the relationship between a girl and another female
such as her mother or sister or mother-in-law. When you have a female who is into a lot of strife – the
breast tissue is targeted because that is the nurturing aspect of a female.

When you have a breakdown in relationship with somebody, you can deny it all you want, but it is eating
at you left, right and centre. This bitterness does not only affect you and that specific person where
it came in, but it affects your relationship with everybody else. This is because you are projecting all that
fear of rejection and disappointment into everybody you come in contact with. When bitterness eats at
you in your thoughts, you end up with cancer cells that eat away at your body. Can you see how your
thought life is literally translated into a physical reaction? Proverbs 23 v 7 says that as a man thinks in his
heart, so does he become.

There seems to be a link between colon cancer and bitterness in a slanderer who perpetually gossips.
This is a person who is maliciously nasty with their tongue. Henry Wright once said, “If you poop on
enough people spiritually, it may come back to you in the form of colon cancer.” I am amazed at the irony
and similarity between the physical and the spiritual. Gossip is a form of strife according to the Bible and
when you allow strife in your life – you open the door to every evil work. James 3 v 16: “For where there
is envying and strife, there is confusion and every evil work.”

Strife includes bickering, arguing, fighting, heated disagreements and angry undercurrents. On page
194 I explained how strife literally puts your body into a toxic state of stress and illness and that in itself
opens the door to over 100 incurable diseases. In the chapter “General Explanation of the Effects of Long
Term Fear, Anxiety and Stress” you can read about how every organ system in your body is adversely affected
when you are in a toxic state of stress. For example, your immune system is destroyed by high levels
of stress hormones, thus predisposing you to cancer, viruses and any type of bacterial, fungal or parasitic
infection… literally any evil work, just as the Word of God says.

We even sometimes attack each other in the Church – that’s an autoimmune disease (i.e. the body attacking
and destroying itself)! In Isaiah chapter 58, the Israelites were going through all the motions of
externally praising God. They were going to church, singing church songs, fasting and outwardly seeking
God, but they were destroying each other through strife. Thus God wasn’t interested in their superficial
praise, prayers and fasting and neither did He heal them. Strife will block you from receiving healing, that
is true both Biblically and medically. You cannot heal when your body is in a toxic state of stage 2 and 3 of
stress as a result of strife. If you want to enjoy a long life of good health, you have got to keep the strife
out of your life and that includes your tongue!

1 Peter 3 v 10, “For let him who wants to enjoy life and see good days [good – whether apparent
or not] keep his tongue free from evil and his lips from guild (treachery, deceit).”

When you talk about the state of the country or the government, what kind of words are coming from
your lips – death or life? Did it ever occur to you to pray for those in authority? There is a testimony in
the chapter “When it’s Time to Kick the Bucket” where a man who applied this principle of not allowing
anything evil on his tongue throughout his life. At the age of ninety years old he was still as strong as a
twenty year old man, his teeth were in perfect condition and he hardly had any grey hairs. I believe that
we need to pay more serious attention to the Bible because we are starting to see evidence in the Medical field that what the Bible says is literally true.

Cataracts, for example, can form in people that have a critical spirit or a critical eye about others. The
Bible says in Matthew 7 v 1 – 3: “1Do not judge and criticize and condemn others, so that you may
not be judged and criticized and condemned yourselves. 2For just as you judge and criticize and
condemn others, you will be judged and criticized and condemned, and in accordance with the
measure you [use to] deal out to others, it will be dealt out against you. 3Why do you stare from
without at the very small particle that is in your brother’s eye but do not become aware of and
consider the beam of timber that is in your own eye?”

Cataracts can also be inherited in family trees and also in denominations that think they’re superior to
others – that is called religion or legalism or phariseeism.

Anger, rage and resentment can lead to aneurysms, haemorrhoids and varicose veins. An aneurysm is an
abnormal weakening in the walls of arteries which causes them to bulge or “balloon” outwards. Varicose
veins and haemorrhoids are basically the same thing but in the veins. An aneurysm
can eventually burst or rupture. As you are exploding with anger spiritually,
your body will respond by exploding physically in your life time.
According to the Journal of American Medicine, when a person has an intense
episode of explosive rage where they really lose it, for the next 2 hours
the chances of a heart attack double.

One Pastor approached Henry Wright and said, “Pastor, I know you believe
that God heals. I just got a call that my brother’s aorta split and they have rushed him to the emergency
room (The aorta is the main blood vessel that transports blood from the heart to the rest of the body).
Will you pray with me and agree with me that God will heal him?” Henry Wright replied, “No Sir, I will not.
I am wasting my time.” The pastor said, “What do you mean? I thought you believed in healing.” Henry
explained, “Your brother has a burst aorta because he is in sin and I do not have the faith that he will be
healed until I teach you what caused his aorta to split. Now I don’t know you or your brother but from
studying case histories of people with cardiovascular disease, I know what causes aortas to split. Let me
ask you a question, was your brother a peaceful man or was he always angry and hostile?” The Pastor said,

“How could you possibly know that? He has been that way since he was molested at age nine. He is impossible
to deal with. You can’t get around him because he is so hostile and angry. So Pastor what can I do?”
Henry Wright said, “I will pray with you and agree with you and ask God to use the doctors to keep him
alive so that you can get there and disciple him and get him to repent so that he can release that anger
that he has. Then I believe that God can heal him and he won’t have a problem again.” So the pastor left
and did exactly that.

Ephesians 4 v 26: “When angry, do not sin; do not ever let your wrath (your exasperation, your
fury or indignation) last until the sun goes down.”

Do you understand the importance of the above
verse, when it comes to health and sickness? God is saying that if you don’t deal with that issue by releasing
and forgiving, you are going to have disease beginning in your body by morning.
We are finding that people who are filled with jealousy and envy are getting osteoporosis (which is
deterioration and subsequent weakening of the bones). This goes right along with the warning in the

Proverbs 14 v 30: “A calm and undisturbed mind and heart are the life and health of the body,
but envy, jealousy and wrath are like rottenness of the bones.”

In the chapter on page 374 there is a testimony of a lady with severe osteoporosis that had a great
amount of jealousy and envy coming out of tragic life circumstances. When she repented of the sin of
jealousy and dealt with it – she was healed. This is the definition of a medical miracle because osteoporosis
is considered incurable. The bone scan at her next follow up visit at the doctor revealed no evidence of
osteoporosis (previous bone scans showed that the osteoporosis was becoming progressively more severe).

When she went for her test results, her doctor told her, “I don’t know what has happened to you! I’ve been
your doctor for years, and I have been in this business for years. All osteoporosis has been stopped! (The
doctor was amazed because osteoporosis is known in the medical field to be a progressive disease that a
person does not recover from i.e. it only gets worse over time). Not only has the osteoporosis been stopped,
but in all bone scan areas throughout the structure of your bones, you have an average bone density of
15% to 18%!” A bone density of 15 to 18% is equivalent to the bone density of a 30 year old woman. In
Psalm 103 v 5 it says that God will renew our youth like the eagle’s (strong, overcoming and soaring). It
happened to her when she applied God’s principles in His Word.

1 John 4 v 20: “If anyone says, I love God, and hates (detests, abominates) his brother [in Christ],
he is a liar; for he who does not love his brother, whom he has seen cannot love God, Whom he has not seen.”

According to 1 John 4, when we become separated from each other, we become separated from God
too. We cannot have fellowship with God and not have fellowship with our brother. We cannot say that
we love God while we have hatred, anger, rage, resentment, bitterness, un-forgiveness, jealousy and so on towards our brother.

In summary: most disease is a consequence of sin and separation on one or more of the following three

1. Separation from God.
2. Separation from yourself.
3. Separation from others.

Therefore healing begins with restoration on one of the following three levels:

1. Restoration with God – coming back into an intimate love relationship with God the Father, to
receive His love and learning to trust Him. Getting to know Him through time spent in fellowship
with Him and in His Word.

2. Restoration with yourself – developing a healthy self-esteem starts with knowing who you are in
Christ, placing your identity and sense of self worth in Him and learning to see yourself as God sees

3. Restoration with others – releasing hurt and bitterness through forgiveness and learning to walk
in love.

You cannot love your brother if you do not love yourself. If you do not like yourself, you will have a
hard time loving anyone else. You may pretend you do, but that is a fabricated personality because you
are hiding. You cannot love yourself and build a healthy self-esteem without a relationship with God the
Father. I just explained above that developing a healthy self-esteem comes from knowing who you are in
Christ – being “in Christ” involves an intimate love relationship with God the Father. So can you see that
ultimately, when it comes to healing, you are pointed back to getting right with God and developing a
more intimate love relationship with Him. It’s about getting to know the Father more!

When you receive God’s love – you can love yourself –
and when you love yourself, then you can truly minister God’s love to others, in that order.
Jesus summed it all up when somebody asked him what the greatest commandment is: Matthew 22 v
36 – 40: “36 Teacher, which kind of commandment is great and important (the principle kind) in the
Law?…37 And He replied to him, you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all
your soul and with all your mind (intellect). 38 This is the great (most important principle) and first
commandment. 39 And a second is like it: You shall love your neighbor
as [you do] you rself. These two commandments sum up and upon them
depend all the Law and the Prophets.”

Your “heart” in a Biblical context consists of your soul and spirit. Your soul
as I’ve explained earlier consists of your mind will and emotions. Jesus said
that you are to love God with all your heart. Then He got more specific and
He said love God with all your soul. Then He got even more specific and He
said love God with all your mind. This is the foundation of the Kingdom of God and His Word – love God,

love yourself and love others. This is why satan and his kingdom work so hard at over turning relationships in these three areas.

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